Video as mobile as you are

OpenEye mobile on iPhone

Access and search your video anytime, anywhere

Available for Android and iOS devices, the OpenEye Mobile app is your on-the-go solution for viewing live and recorded video on your OpenEye recorders. Sign in using your OWS account and your recorders are automatically added with no additional setup necessary. When a new recorder is added to your OWS account it will appear in the list on your mobile device, ready for connection. Simple, hassle free, remote access.

Note: OpenEye Mobile is only available for recorders using the OWS platform, including M-Series recorders, and recorders using Apex Server software.

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Listen & talk back in mobile

OpenEye Mobile supports two-way audio to allow end-users or professional security staff to listen and talk down to individuals seen on camera remotely. Immediately respond to push alerts and provide audible deterrence to would be vandals or provide important information to a delivery driver on site after normal business hours. Users can now also listen to audio when playing back video in search.

Intuitive search and playback

Searching for video on OpenEye Mobile is easy with an intuitive user interface and the ability to control forward and rewind playback speeds. You can even save snapshots of video to your phone for future reference.

Video verification via mobile push notifications

Receive push notifications from OWS to your mobile app for any alert. View thumbnail previews of the alerts with a link to view the associated video. Visually verify incidents so appropriate action can be taken.

  • See alert details and a thumbnail image, if available, in the notification.
  • Tap View Details to go to OWS to view additional details about alerts
  • Tap View Video to start playing video in the app starting at the time of the alert.
  • Use the OpenEye Mobile app to see the alert rules that you receive notifications for and silence the ones that you don't want to receive.
  • View your alert notifications including a preview image on your synced Apple Watch.

A better security experience on your
big screen TV

OpenEye's Apple TV app loads recorder lists and connection settings; displays live video in quad or a single channel view; switches between recorders and cameras using the Apple TV remote.

OpenEye Apple TV Security Experience
Download OpenEye Mobile on the App Store
Get OpenEye Mobile on Google Play
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