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Deliver a trusted cloud-managed video and data platform that provides actionable intelligence to your customers so they can protect and grow their business.

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Deploy an easy-to-use and easier-to-manage solution, creating more customer satisfaction while resolving issues faster with fewer truck rolls.

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Access technical and sales training and resources on OpenEye products to better develop and support your own team.

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Customer Success Stories

“What I like about OpenEye is the level of understanding of what the customer needs are. Being able to adapt to such requirements is not something every manufacturer is able to do.”
"One of the big things we wanted was to be able to access the system from the web & have an app for security personnel."
"I can’t stress enough how OpenEye has taken a product and made it easy to use."
"I really appreciate the search feature within OWS where you can get down to an event much quicker than traditional software."
"OWS has given our company an incredible sense of peace of mind for our management and employee staff."