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Security For Your Entire Organization

OpenEye offers cloud-managed video surveillance solutions for a variety of roles to answer their specific needs. Our experience allows us to tailor our customers’ experience to match their hardware and software requirements, making our solutions easy to use and integrate with their current systems.

Consolidate Your Physical Security Technology Stack

Regardless of what team you are on, our powerful cloud-managed video platform gives you the tools you need to improve your security while reducing the burden on IT for management and compliance.

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Information Technology

OpenEye Web Services reduces the burden on IT by providing easy user management while strengthening cybersecurity with no open inbound ports.

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No more manual updates

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Reduce the amount of time spent traveling

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Simplify user management

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Real-time system health monitoring

OWS simplifies Information Technology tasks
OWS for Loss Prevention roles
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Loss Prevention

OpenEye Web Services (OWS) provides the proactive insights you need to elevate loss prevention efforts and improve security.

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Remotely manage multiple locations to reduce costs and overhead

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Combine POS data with video verification to see the complete picture

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Streamline investigations by monitoring suspicious activity across all of your systems

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OpenEye Web Services’s web-based platform helps equip Security with the necessary tools needed to fully monitor all of their locations. Our cloud-managed video platform supports active monitoring, two-way audio, real-time alert notifications and easy to use search and video clip sharing tools.

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Track license plates for more secure premises

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Create event-based alerts and securely share clips

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Quickly analyze huge spans of footage

OWS for Operations roles
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OpenEye Web Services streamlines Operations by providing powerful cloud-based tools such as point of sale integration and centralized management.

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Manage and optimize employee training

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Set alerts to provide help where needed

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Prevent employee theft and spot suspicious transactions

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Standardize video exports

What Our Customers Say

See how OpenEye is bolstering our customers’ security and providing them peace of mind.

"I really appreciate the search feature within OWS where you can get down to an event much quicker than traditional software."
"I can’t stress enough how OpenEye has taken a product and made it easy to use."
"OWS has given our company an incredible sense of peace of mind for our management and employee staff."
"One of the big things we wanted was to be able to access the system from the web & have an app for security personnel."
“What I like about OpenEye is the level of understanding of what the customer needs are. Being able to adapt to such requirements is not something every manufacturer is able to do.”

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