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Video Surveillance To Reduce Loss And Increase Security

By combining video with POS data, OpenEye Web Services (OWS) creates actionable business intelligence to bolster loss prevention efforts and make your restaurant more secure and efficient.

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Turn Video Insights into Bigger Profits

Gain deeper insight into how your restaurant runs, how to keep customers happy, and how to keep your whole operation protected from loss.

Loss Prevention

Use smarter video security and your POS data to quickly spot and minimize fraud, coupon manipulation, and under-ringing—and get more out of your loss prevention efforts.
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Faster Service

Use video analytics to get the insights you need to improve profitability by monitoring speed of service, customer engagement, and trends that keep them coming back.
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Remote Management

Manage multiple locations remotely via a centralized portal to reduce costs and overhead without putting a burden on your resources.
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Put Better Experiences On The Menu

With our intelligent and aware cloud-managed video technology, you can deliver faster service while staying ahead of fraud—and keep everyone safe.


Powerful Analytics

Monitor operations, speed of service, customer engagement, and anomalies with video verification across systems.

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Remote Access

Improve store safety and service with single sign-on and remote monitoring on any device, from any location.

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Point-of-Sale Integration

Stay on top of fraud with POS search and alerting for suspicious transactions.

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Automated Reporting

Improve operations and safety compliance with streamlined reporting, for one location or hundreds.

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Proactive Alerts

Improve vehicle and in-store wait times with custom alerts via phone or email.

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Automated Health Monitoring

Ensure video is there when you need it with alerts for network outages and equipment failure.

Work Smarter With Cloud Video Surveillance

Reduce shrink, improve customer experiences, and manage it all remotely with a single platform that combines and analyzes event data from video.

Manage at Scale


See the whole picture in one portal, whether one restaurant or hundreds. Easily manage locations, devices and users remotely, saving you time and allowing you to focus on what matters.

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Prevent Fraud with Alerts


Proactive alerts lay the groundwork for business intelligence that helps you identify fraud, operator error, or subpar customer experiences with quick verification.

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Quickly Find the Transactions that Matter


Customizable transaction data searches allow you to quickly locate fraud and operational issues impacting profitability. Save frequently used searches to further streamline the loss prevention investigation process.

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Streamline Investigations


Export video and transaction data to the cloud where it can be shared easily with insurance companies, law enforcement, or coworkers—helping you maintain complete chain of custody throughout investigations.

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Use Your Existing Cameras


Improve ROI with scalable solutions that can work easily with your existing business systems and hardware.

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Deliver More Value Across Your Organization

OpenEye Web Services is more than just video surveillance, it increases intelligence and efficiencies across your entire organization from marketing to operations.

Information Technology

More Intelligent Security, Fewer Headaches

Reduce the burden on your resources with an intelligent and aware cloud video platform to simplify monitoring and management.

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Loss Prevention

Reduce Shrink and Fight Fraud

Step up loss prevention efforts and get the insight you need with an intelligent and aware video platform.

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Streamline Your Day-to-Day

Streamline operations and implement proactive video security with an intelligent and aware cloud video platform.

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Better Protect People and Assets

Strengthen security monitoring and reduce the burden on your team with an intelligent and aware cloud video platform.

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Grant Lieberman

Director of Technology, Dos Toros

OpenEye Web Services helps our team succeed. It’s super easy to use, it’s an enterprise solution and it’s easy for team members to use. It’s plug and play, easy to add new users and easy to connect to mobile apps.
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