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Centralized Video Management In The Cloud

Simplify the management of your surveillance users, devices, and locations with OpenEye Web Services, the cloud-managed video platform.

Centralized and remote management with OpenEye Web Services

Manage Users With The Power Of Cloud-Managed Video

Improve operational efficiencies with centralized user management, role-based user groups, roaming profiles, and online video export and sharing. OpenEye Web Services increases the value of your video system with benefits that reach across your whole organization and make your job easier.

What OWS Has To Offer

OpenEye Web Services features a host of unique functions and tools designed to make video secure and easy-to-use.

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Video Export

Streamline your video export process. Clips exported to the cloud are protected from being overwritten on the recorder and can be easily shared with others.

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Clip Sharing

Share online video clips with coworkers or law enforcement. Add notes about the incident and control whether others can share or download the clip.

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Reduce the burden on IT and Operations by simplifying the process of managing large numbers of users or recorders with group based management.

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Roaming Profiles

Log in to any remote client using only your email address and password to automatically connect to all your recorders and display settings.

Get The Most Out Of Your Video

OpenEye presents a cloud-based video solution designed to bolster security while simultaneously improving operational efficiency.

User Management


OpenEye Web Services simplifies user management and permissions by moving them to the cloud. Changes are instantly pushed to all users and associated devices and user groups make managing large numbers of users and devices simple and pain free. Online user management significantly reduces the burden of managing large distributed deployments both for IT and Operations.

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Centralize security operations


Managing security across multiple sites can be complex, especially with the following issues:

  • Footage must be viewed at different sites
  • Clips need to be saved on a flash drive before sharing
  • Users cannot be managed online
  • Aging equipment
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Video Export and Sharing


Reduce the time you spend managing video incidents. OpenEye Web Services can significantly improve operational efficiencies by centralizing your video exports and making them easier to share. Video events exported to your cloud account can be shared via email with coworkers, law enforcement, or management. You can even enter notes and control whether events can be downloaded by recipients.

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We employ the latest in protection methods to safeguard your account information including two-step verification, password protected video sharing, and NIST compliant data encryption. Furthermore, our recorders establish a trusted outbound connection with the OpenEye Web Services cloud servers, eliminating potential vulnerabilities in your network by removing the need to open ports in your firewall.

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Modernize Your Business With AI-Enabled Cloud Video

The OpenEye Web Services cloud-managed video platform makes your operations more secure, efficient, and profitable.

Cloud-Managed Video


Our cloud-managed video surveillance solution offers the convenience and flexibility of the cloud with the performance and reliability of local recording. Remote management and administration reduce the burden on IT while remote access allows users to connect to video from anywhere.

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Operational Analytics


OpenEye uses AI algorithms to analyze video data, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Our technology transforms video into actionable intelligence, enabling data-driven decisions across your organization.

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POS Connect


Improve your site’s loss prevention efforts with POS Connect in OpenEye Web Services. Marry transactional data from your point-of-sale system with video verification to help reduce shrink and gain insights into operations.

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The OWS open ecosystem allows you to use your existing IP cameras as well as integrate with other business systems whether access control, intrusion, point of sale or others. Combine these data points to create alerts with video verification and provide more actionable intelligence to secure and support your business.

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Tailored Solutions For Your Industry

OpenEye’s experience serving customers across a wide range of industries allows us to tailor our features and integrations to meet the unique needs of your organization. 


Improve Experiences and Reduce Shrink

Optimize your customer's journey and enhance your loss prevention efforts to improve profitability.
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Keep Them Coming Back

Improve customer service and back-of-house operations with video insights that drive profitability.

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Prioritize Student Safety

Ensure student safety while reducing IT labor for management, operations, and cybersecurity.

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Protect People and Assets

Manage video surveillance across locations to keep tenants safe.

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Convenience Stores

Reduce Shrink and Bolster Security

Get a better return on loss prevention efforts and improve security.

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Retail Banking

Safeguard Assets and Enhance Experiences

Reduce risk, simplify operations and generate valuable business intelligence.

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Streamline Operations

Improve business operations while ensuring compliance.

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Fight Fraud and Improve Security

Safeguard against fraud and streamline operations across your business.

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Uncover Actionable Insights

Modernize to cut complexity and boost automation while reducing risk.

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Jacob Long

Project Manager, Bargain Hunt

Michael Akers

President and CEO, Bay Credit Union

Kasey Trosper

Network Analyst & Technology Administrator, Corbin Independent Schools

Jason Briseño

Retail Director, Smog City Brewery

Duane Ness

President, Advantage Security Inc.

Levon Postachian

CEO, Select Systems Technology Inc.

"I can’t stress enough how OpenEye has taken a product and made it easy to use."
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"I really appreciate the search feature within OWS where you can get down to an event much quicker than traditional software."
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"One of the big things we wanted was to be able to access the system from the web & have an app for security personnel."
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"OWS has given our company an incredible sense of peace of mind for our management and employee staff."
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"We love the cloud-managed capability, the supervisory capability, the ease of use and installation."
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“What I like about OpenEye is the level of understanding of what the customer needs are. Being able to adapt to such requirements is not something every manufacturer is able to do.”
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