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Introducing OpenEye Cloud Cameras

OpenEye’s cloud cameras deliver an all-in-one video solution with onboard recording and advanced analytics processing.

2 min read

Operational Analytics In OpenEye Web Services

Get more value for your business. Operational Analytics in OWS allows you to detect, analyze, and report on the events that matter most to your business. Streamline operations, improve customer service, and increase safety with powerful video analytics that explore customer, staff, vehicle, and object patterns, giving you access to a wealth of advanced operational…

2 min read

Get Real-Time Alerts with Video for POS Exceptions with OWS

Create alerts based on specific transaction criteria to fight fraud, reduce shrink and to improve customer service.

1 min read

Streamline Investigations and Improve Collaboration with OWS

Streamline investigations and improve collaboration when an incident happens. Export, save, and store video clips securely in the cloud and share easily with law enforcement, insurance, or HR. Cloud-managed video clips improve chain of custody and maintain control of video views and downloads.

1 min read

Get Video Verification of Point of Sale Data with POS Connect

OpenEye Web Services (OWS) POS Connect gives businesses a more complete picture of their operations and sales by marrying transactional data from their point-of-sale system with video verification. Using customizable searches and alert notifications you can identify costly problems of fraud, operator error, or poor customer experiences so you can correct them before they affect…

2 min read

Optimize Retail Operations With OpenEye POS Connect

See how OpenEye Web Services' POS Connect gives businesses of all types a more complete picture of their operations and sales by marrying transactional data from their point-of-sale system with video verification.

1 min read

Centralize Management Across Multiple Sites with OWS

Remotely monitor all sites from a central location with OpenEye Web Services View cameras, check on system health, and manage users and alerts in one place to gain actionable business intelligence. OpenEye Web Services cloud platform unifies your video security and streamlines operations.

1 min read

Get More Out of Your Access Control or Intrusion System with OpenEye Web Services

OpenEye Web Services uses data from most access controls and intrusion panels for better search and alerts. Search and receive video alerts from access and intrusion events with OpenEye Web Services.

1 min read

Detect Issues Before They Become Problems with OWS Health Alerts

Automated Health Monitoring in OpenEye Web Services alerts you when a camera or recorder goes offline or if a hard drive is starting to fail. So you can take proactive action to fix issues before they become problems and ensure video is available when you need it.

1 min read

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POS Connect in OpenEye Web Services