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Managed Video Solutions For The Cannabis Industry

OpenEye Web Services provides a cloud-managed surveillance solution for cannabis companies that makes it easy to meet requirements for regulatory compliance and reduce risk through automated health monitoring.

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Improve Your Bottom Line with Video Security

Reduce shrink and improve customer experiences with our intelligent and aware cloud video platform that lets you manage your business from wherever you are.

Loss Prevention

Bolster loss prevention efforts with video verification of POS transactions to help reduce shrink and fight fraud.
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Enhanced Experiences

Easily monitor store operations, customer journeys, and trends for a better customer experience that ultimately leads to stronger profits.
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Remote Management

Monitor production, people and assets on any device from virtually anywhere with the convenience of the OWS cloud.
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What OWS Has To Offer

OpenEye Web Services features a host of unique functions and tools designed to make video secure and easy-to-use.

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Monitor Product Quality

Monitor plant growth, employee tasks and inventory with video reports that show changes over time.

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Automated Audit Reports

Pre-built reports to help you regularly audit your video systems for regulatory compliance.


Access and Intrusion Control

OWS integrates with your systems to notify users with access and intrusion events configured for your business.

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Centralized Management

Easily manage multiple locations using centralized user management based in the cloud, creating operational efficiencies for your business.


Clip Export and Sharing

Quickly save, tag and share video clips with OWS to collaborate easily and streamline investigations when incidents occur.

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Enhanced Cybersecurity

OWS employs the latest in cybersecurity practices to safeguard your business network and make security compliance easier.

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Simplified Management

Add or edit device permissions from a remote location, use role-based user groups to standardize operations and any changes are pushed instantly to all your users and devices.

Get The Most Out Of Your Video

OpenEye presents a cloud-based video solution designed to bolster security while simultaneously improving operational efficiency.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance


OWS can help meet specific regulations in your state or country whether video retention or video storage requirements. OWS helps you configure your cameras and recorders to maximize video storage while maintaining quality and meeting regulatory guidelines.

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A Video System that Grows with Your Business Needs


OpenEye video surveillance hardware and software is designed to allow you to add cameras and storage as your needs change and OWS makes it easy to add additional locations and still view and manage your systems remotely from a convenient location.

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Best in Class Integrations


The OWS ecosystem offers integration with best in class partners to combine data from your access control, video analytics, intrusion, point of sale, and more with video for a more complete picture of your business.

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Know that Your Cameras Are Always Recording


Real-time health monitoring keeps you abreast of critical issues and potential problems with your video system including pending hard drive failure, changes in recording retention, network outages, and camera failure or tampering.

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Visually Verify Critical Events


OWS integrates with on-premise alarm panels to provide visual verification of events such as arm/disarm, late to arm, zone alarm or door forced. OWS even allows you to create alerts for non-panel related events, such as motion detection or camera-side video analytics, that are only triggered when the alarm panel is in an armed state.

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Deliver More Value Across Your Organization

OpenEye Web Services is more than just video surveillance, it increases intelligence and efficiencies across your entire organization from marketing to operations.

Information Technology

More Intelligent Security, Fewer Headaches

Reduce the burden on your resources with an intelligent and aware cloud video platform to simplify monitoring and management.

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Loss Prevention

Reduce Shrink and Fight Fraud

Step up loss prevention efforts and get the insight you need with an intelligent and aware video platform.

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Streamline Your Day-to-Day

Streamline operations and implement proactive video security with an intelligent and aware cloud video platform.

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Better Protect People and Assets

Strengthen security monitoring and reduce the burden on your team with an intelligent and aware cloud video platform.

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Jacob Long

Project Manager, Bargain Hunt

"I can’t stress enough how OpenEye has taken a product and made it easy to use."
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