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The Ultimate Guide to Investing in a Retail Security Camera System

Discover how a comprehensive retail security camera system can address key challenges, enhance safety, and optimize operations across multiple locations.

2 min read

Playbook: How to Choose the Best Security Camera System for Education

Equip your campus with a cloud-managed video security solution that prioritizes student safety while streamlining burdensome IT labor and overhead.

2 min read

Playbook: How to Choose the Best Restaurant Security Camera System

Discover the power of cloud-managed video and how it can optimize QSR operations, enhance security and improve customer satisfaction.

2 min read

The Value of the Open Platform

Learn how managing a multisite video surveillance system in the cloud delivers flexibility and room for future innovation compared to providers offering a proprietary system.

2 min read

Consider the Hidden Costs of Purchasing a Video Surveillance System

Before investing in a CCTV video solution to centrally monitor multiple sites, consider the limitations and the hidden costs leading video surveillance system providers don’t want people to know.

1 min read

Organized Retail Crime Significantly Impacts Operations

Learn how OpenEye provides a cloud video platform that empowers retail users to improve operational efficiency, identify actionable insights and combat organized retail crime.

2 min read

The Ongoing Value of Video Surveillance as a Service

Discover the value of VSaaS and the eight key features to look for in a cloud-managed video security subscription.

2 min read

OWS Cybersecurity Overview

Learn how OpenEye Web Services leverages the latest in network security for video surveillance and proactively protects against people or programs that might cause harm.

2 min read

A Guide to OpenEye Web Services and HIPAA Compliance

OpenEye Web Services (OWS) provides many benefits to IT administrators and users for managing and viewing video from recorders. If video or data containing information covered by HIPAA is transferred to or through OWS, it is important to understand how using OWS impacts your HIPAA compliance.

2 min read

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