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Modernize Safety With Video Surveillance

With cloud-managed video surveillance, you can protect employees and boost productivity—without draining your resources.

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Protect Your Organization Without Greater Cost

With cloud-managed video surveillance, you can reduce the time, cost, and burden on your resources while safeguarding against fraud.

Improved Safety And Compliance

Protect employees and simplify compliance through visual reports and proactive alerts via phone or email based on safety events or protocol, such as PPE.
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Complete Visibility

Gain instant access to live or recorded video on your phone or web browser, receive real-time alerts to keep you notified of important events and quickly share event video from the cloud via password-protected links.
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Deliver Value Across Your Organization

Tap into powerful video analytics to monitor and improve operations, process and automation to benefit your bottom line.
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Discover Enhanced Visibility and Protection

OpenEye Web Services (OWS) deliver the tools you need to streamline operations and enhance safety with actionable business intelligence across your organization.

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Centralized Management

Simplify surveillance management of users, devices, and locations with a cloud-managed platform.

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Access Control Integration

Prevent unauthorized access with visual confirmation that the right person has the right badge.

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Remote Video Access

Improve safety and increase productivity with remote monitoring on any device, from any location.

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Automated Reporting

Improve compliance and facilities auditing with streamlined reporting that includes thumbnail images.

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Proactive Alerts

Improve quality control with video verification of events with custom alerts via phone or email.

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Environmental Monitoring

Monitor and alert on environmental conditions like noise level and air quality.

Make Everything Easier To See, Share, And Safeguard

OWS gives you the power to cut complexity out of every day with actionable intelligence at your fingertips.

Proactive Security


Get notified and visually verify the incidents that matter most, with real-time alerts sent via phone or email, to help you respond more quickly and prevent downtime.

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Ensure Video Availability


Automated health monitoring ensures your recorders are working properly and enables you to stay on top of potential problems like network outages, camera failure, or tampering.

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Identify Critical Events


Work with an end-to-end solution that integrates with alarm panels, access control, and other business devices to show situations like doors propped open, fire exits used, or forced doors.

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Increase Safety and Reduce Claims


Improve employee safety and identify fraudulent claims using analytics and video verification to audit and document safety violations while ensuring that appropriate protocols are followed.

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Minimize the Burden on IT


Reduce your risk and simplify compliance through a centralized, cloud platform, reducing the time, cost, and burden on your resources.

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Deliver More Value Across Your Organization

OpenEye Web Services is more than just video surveillance, it increases intelligence and efficiencies across your entire organization from marketing to operations.

Information Technology

More Intelligent Security, Fewer Headaches

Reduce the burden on your resources with an intelligent and aware cloud video platform to simplify monitoring and management.

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Loss Prevention

Reduce Shrink and Fight Fraud

Step up loss prevention efforts and get the insight you need with an intelligent and aware video platform.

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Streamline Your Day-to-Day

Streamline operations and implement proactive video security with an intelligent and aware cloud video platform.

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Better Protect People and Assets

Strengthen security monitoring and reduce the burden on your team with an intelligent and aware cloud video platform.

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Lonnie Duwyn

Owner, Elite Pak

We are very excited to have remote access to our cameras in a situation where we normally could not. Our ISP makes this impossible with most systems, but OpenEye’s advanced technologies overcame this problem easily.
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