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Video Surveillance For Safer Banking

OpenEye Web Services helps improve branch security and performance, while reducing the burden on IT resources for management and compliance.

Vertical Banking

Stay Ahead Of Fraud And Reduce Risk

Our powerful cloud-managed video platform gives you the insights you need to keep every branch protected, improving safety and compliance while keeping fraud at bay.

Fraud Protection

Easily monitor anomalies and threats—and quickly spot and prevent fraud with smarter video security that includes LPR search and alerting.
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Remote Investigation

Intelligent search options help you locate incidents faster. Video is tied to analytics and alarm events to immediately pull up relevant incidents. Video can be exported to the cloud and shared via password protected links.
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Reduced Risk

OpenEye Web Services reduces risk and simplifies compliance with health and video retention alerts, inventory reports, and a comprehensive security framework.
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Smarter Video Security For Banking

Stay focused on keeping customers and employees happy and safe with actionable business intelligence.

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Powerful Analytics

Monitor late opens, restricted access, or suspected fraud with video verification and alerts.

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Stronger Security Audits

Perform audits based on alarms, forced doors, access denied, or other critical events.

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Centralized Management

Access video monitoring remotely via a centralized portal to reduce costs and overhead.

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Reduce risk and improve IT compliance with powerful features that enforce security best practices.


Video Retention Requirements

Easily set minimum video retention per recorder or channel to help simplify compliance.

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Automated Health Monitoring

Make sure video will be there when you need it and that all systems are functioning properly.

Get More From Your Video Security

With our cloud-based video security platform, you can enhance security and improve operational efficiency without burdening your IT resources.

Reduce Risk, Simplify Compliance


OpenEye employs the latest cybersecurity practices to safeguard your branch network and make security compliance easier.

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Minimize the Burden on IT


Reduce on-site support calls, eliminate recursive tasks, and increase productivity with remote management that lets you keep an eye on multiple branches.

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Visually Verify Events


OWS integrates with on-premises alarm panels for visual verification of events such as arm/disarm, late to arm, zone alarm, or a forced door.

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Ensure Video Availability


Automated health monitoring ensures your recorders are working properly and eliminates undetected system failures so that you can stay on top of critical issues.

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Simplify Integration and Scalability


Improve ROI with scalable solutions that can work easily with your existing business systems and hardware.

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Deliver More Value Across Your Organization

OpenEye Web Services is more than just video surveillance, it increases intelligence and efficiencies across your entire organization from marketing to operations.

Information Technology

More Intelligent Security, Fewer Headaches

Reduce the burden on your resources with an intelligent and aware cloud video platform to simplify monitoring and management.

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Loss Prevention

Reduce Shrink and Fight Fraud

Step up loss prevention efforts and get the insight you need with an intelligent and aware video platform.

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Streamline Your Day-to-Day

Streamline operations and implement proactive video security with an intelligent and aware cloud video platform.

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Better Protect People and Assets

Strengthen security monitoring and reduce the burden on your team with an intelligent and aware cloud video platform.

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Michael Akers

President and CEO, Bay Credit Union

Kitt Zimmerman

Wheatland Bank

"I really appreciate the search feature within OWS where you can get down to an event much quicker than traditional software."
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Sharing video is easier than ever before. Since we disable USB on the computers at the branches for security reasons, it’s useful to be able to allow law enforcement remote access to video instead of downloading it to a thumb drive.
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