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Cloud-Managed Platform

A Video Surveillance System for Business

With over 1 million devices connected, the OpenEye Web Services cloud-managed video platform provides actionable intelligence and improves operational efficiency so that you can stay focused on what matters most—and see the next opportunity to protect and grow your business.

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Cloud-Managed Video Surveillance

OpenEye’s intelligent and aware video technology saves you time and provides a greater return on investment—all while giving you the insight you need for complete peace of mind.

Our secure, easy-to-use cloud-managed platform lets you stay proactive and get the video you need quickly, whether you’re receiving real-time alert notifications, searching for specific events, or simply monitoring areas for safety.

Get The Most Out Of Your Video

OpenEye Web Services lets you see the next opportunity to secure and scale smart environments. 

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Video Verification

Verify important events from video and other business systems to ensure your teams can react quickly and create more efficiencies across your organization. 

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Customizable Search

Locate the right events faster with highly customizable search tools to ensure you find the video you need quickly and easily. 

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Proactive Alerts

Create custom alerts to receive notifications to your email or phone for specific events to ensure you're alerted when it matters most. 

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Complete End-to-End Solution

Designed as an open platform, OpenEye Web Services integrates with your existing business systems, including access control, intrusion, point of sale, identity management, and more. 

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Centralized Management

Remotely manage alerts, settings, permissions, and updates for all locations and users from one convenient, central platform. 

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Powerful Analytics

Quickly uncover actionable insights with powerful AI-enabled analytics that  enhance security while streamlining your operations.

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Video Export and Sharing

Quickly and securely share video with management or external parties, such as local law enforcement, campus security, or insurance companies. 

See What Intelligent Video Can Do

OpenEye Web Services is an intelligent and aware cloud-managed video platform that lets you see the next opportunity to make your operations more secure, efficient, and profitable.

Actionable Intelligence


Easily track speed of service, anomalies, threats, and more with AI-enabled analytics. Receive custom, automatic alerts with video verification on events generated by POS data, motion, alarm panels, access control systems, video analytics, and sensors installed in key areas so you can stay proactive.

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Centralized Remote Management


Reduce the burden and cost on business resources with centralized, cloud-based management of recorders, users, and permissions. Groups and roaming profiles make it easy to manage large numbers of users and devices and any changes are automatically applied.

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Retrofitting and Scalability


Repurpose your existing video cameras with an OpenEye AI-powered retrofit appliance to get next-gen technology without the next-gen costs. With over 1 million devices connected, OpenEye Web Services will meet your business needs today and scale with you in the future.

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Remote Access


Log into any device or remote client with your username and password from anywhere for remote monitoring. It’s that simple. Single sign-on and roaming profiles automatically load site lists and permissions into any client via a user log-in.

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Reduce risk across your entire organization with a security-focused system design and a powerful suite of features that help implement and enforce security best practices.  

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Modernize Your Business With AI-Enabled Cloud Video

The OpenEye Web Services cloud-managed video platform makes your operations more secure, efficient, and profitable.

Cloud-Managed Video


Our cloud-managed video surveillance solution offers the convenience and flexibility of the cloud with the performance and reliability of local recording. Simple, remote management and administration reduce the burden on IT while remote access allows users to connect to video easily from anywhere, from any device. 

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Operational Analytics


OpenEye uses AI algorithms to analyze video data, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Our technology transforms video into actionable intelligence, enabling data-driven decisions across your organization. 

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POS Connect


Improve your site’s loss prevention efforts with POS Connect in OpenEye Web Services. Marry transactional data from your point-of-sale system with video verification to help reduce shrink and gain insights into operations.

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With the flexible, open architecture of OWS, you can use your existing IP cameras as well as integrate with other business systems such as access control, intrusion, point of sale, or others. Combine these data points to create alerts with video verification and provide more actionable intelligence to secure and support your business.

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Tailored Solutions For Your Industry

OpenEye’s experience serving customers across a wide range of industries allows us to tailor our features and integrations to meet the unique needs of your organization. 


Improve Experiences and Reduce Shrink

Optimize your customer's journey and enhance your loss prevention efforts to improve profitability.
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Keep Them Coming Back

Improve customer service and back-of-house operations with video insights that drive profitability.

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Prioritize Student Safety

Ensure student safety while reducing IT labor for management, operations, and cybersecurity.

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Protect People and Assets

Manage video surveillance across locations to keep tenants safe.

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Convenience Stores

Reduce Shrink and Bolster Security

Get a better return on loss prevention efforts and improve security.

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Retail Banking

Safeguard Assets and Enhance Experiences

Reduce risk, simplify operations and generate valuable business intelligence.

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Streamline Operations

Improve business operations while ensuring compliance.

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Fight Fraud and Improve Security

Safeguard against fraud and streamline operations across your business.

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Uncover Actionable Insights

Modernize to cut complexity and boost automation while reducing risk.

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