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Advanced Camera Analytics For Business Operations

Leverage OpenEye video to detect, monitor, and analyze business functions with an analytical suite designed to improve operational efficiency.

Operational Analytics from OpenEye Web Services

Better Business Insights From Your Video

Operational Analytics in OpenEye Web Services (OWS) streamlines operations, improves customer service, and reduces liabilities through AI-powered technology combined with OpenEye video. More than just person detection, OWS Operational Analytics can analyze interactions between employees and guests, as well as objects, to gather the exact metrics you need.

Camera Analytics Customized For Your Business

There are several ways Operational Analytics can improve your day-to-day business while providing more ROI from your existing cameras.

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Customer Experience

Measure customer experience including queue length, wait time or food delivery.

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Track food safety events such as handwashing, time on grill, and glove use.

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Monitor engagement at key areas, including setting alerts when an employee isn't present when a customer is at the register.

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Custom Alerts

Create specific alerts for capacity, queue length or if a person is detected in a restricted area.

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Speed of Service

Track vehicle journey time for one or more drive-thru lanes or pickup stations.

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Smart Merchandising

Be alerted on low stock items in key merchandise areas or grab-and-go stations.

More Actionable And Accurate Results

Make better-informed decisions, optimize your stores, and enhance customer experiences.

Better Data for Decisions


Get more accurate counts for occupancy and people counting with employee exclusion, or use heat mapping to improve operations.

ReID Across Cameras


Track and reidentify persons or vehicles across multiple cameras to prevent double counts and ensure accurate wait times. Start tracking time when the customer begins waiting, even if that’s prior to order placement.

Measure Customer Experience


Go beyond person detection by analyzing interactions between employees, customers, and objects to gather the exact metrics you need. Get alerted when an employee is not present during in-person ordering.

Real-Time Reporting


Ensure teams can react quickly to changes in business by displaying real-time queue counts and wait times on monitors onsite. Display hourly summaries to keep teams aware, address needed improvements, and motivate employees.

Tailored Solutions For Your Industry

OpenEye’s experience serving customers across a wide range of industries allows us to tailor our features and integrations to meet the unique needs of your organization. 


Keep Them Coming Back

Leverage Operational Analytics to track the customer journey, whether time spent by vehicles in drive-thru lanes or customers waiting in line to order or receive food for dine-in.
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Improve Experiences and Reduce Shrink

Measure all stages of the customer journey from merchandise engagement to wait or dwell times, while getting more accurate counts for occupancy and people counting with employee exclusion.
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Safety and Compliance

Bolster safety efforts by monitoring the use of PPE or proximity of employees to dangerous equipment.
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Grant Lieberman

Director of Technology, Dos Toros

OpenEye Web Services helps our team succeed. It’s super easy to use, it’s an enterprise solution and it’s easy for team members to use. It’s plug and play, easy to add new users and easy to connect to mobile apps.
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