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Gonzaga University Strengthens Campus Security with OpenEye

Gonzaga University enhanced its campus security with OpenEye Solutions, providing a safer environment for students, faculty, and staff. Learn about the benefits of using OpenEye for school campuses, including scalability, remote access, simplified video management, high-definition cameras, and secure, reliable systems.

2 min read

OpenEye Helps Retailer Simplify Operations

Bargain Hunt successfully consolidated their security system by selecting for intrusion and access control, and OpenEye Web Services (OWS) for commercial video surveillance.

1 min read

Wheatland Bank Streamlines Security with OpenEye

Discover how Wheatland Bank enhanced its security operations and increased efficiency by implementing OpenEye video surveillance solutions and OpenEye Web Services, leading to faster video retrieval, streamlined security, and improved productivity.

1 min read

OpenEye Makes Managing Video Security Easier at Bay Credit Union

OpenEye improves operational efficiency for financial institutions through health monitoring and alerts, event search, and centralized management.

2 min read

Enhancing Dos Toros’ Operations with OpenEye Web Services

Discover how Dos Toros Taqueria improved their quick service restaurant operations with OpenEye Web Services, resulting in cost savings and enhanced customer experience.

1 min read

Securing Salem Covenant Church & Multi-Use Facilities with OWS

OpenEye Web Services modernizes security systems for multi-use facilities like Salem Covenant Church with remote monitoring, access control, and real-time alerts.

1 min read

OWS Transforms Elite Pak’s Packaging Operations

Elite Pak revolutionized its packaging operations with OpenEye's security and video solutions, streamlining processes and setting new industry benchmarks for operational efficiency.

2 min read

Plaza Riviera Streamlined Property Management with OWS

Plaza Riviera significantly enhanced its security and facilities by leveraging OpenEye Web Services' cloud-based video surveillance platform, which streamlined property management, improved tenant satisfaction, and ensured proactive monitoring of potential security risks.

2 min read

OpenEye Helps Health Clinics Remotely Manage Security at Multiple Sites

White Earth Behavioral Health relied on OpenEye Web Services to enhance security across multiple locations through improved remote access, simplified video search, proactive crime prevention, and more.

2 min read

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