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Improve loss prevention efforts with POS Connect for OpenEye Web Services. POS Connect marries transactional data from a retail operation’s point of sale system with video verification to help reduce shrink and gain insights into operations.

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See the complete picture

See the complete picture

View point of sale transaction data and video together in one seamless interface to visually verify and add context to events.

Customizable transaction searches

Customizable transaction searches

Reduce investigation times with intuitive and scalable transaction search tools to quickly locate events of interest.

Powerful video sharing tools

Powerful video sharing tools

Export and share security video and transaction data with others inside or outside of the organization to streamline investigations.

Suspicious transaction alerts

Suspicious transaction alerts

Set alert rules to receive automatic notifications based on specific transaction criteria such as refunds, voids or discounts.

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Advanced Tools for Loss Prevention

POS Connect reduces shrink, improves customer service and streamlines investigations by combining point of sale data with the power of video. The powerful cloud-managed OWS platform gives you the tools you need to get a better return on your loss prevention efforts and improve security, both cyber and physical, all while reducing the burden on IT and operations.

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Prevent Fraud With Proactive Business Intelligence

Using customizable searches and notifications, you can identify costly problems of fraud, operator error or poor customer experiences, so you can correct them before they affect your bottom line. Save searches to quickly audit for the sales and operations metrics that matter to your business.

Quickly share password-protected video links with insurance, law enforcement or coworkers. The mobile and tablet-friendly interface makes reviewing transaction events easy, no matter what device you are on.

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Supercharge Your Loss Prevention Efforts

Transform your video security system into a powerful loss prevention tool. Customizable transaction data searches allow you to quickly locate fraud and operational issues impacting profitability. Search for events based on specific transaction criteria including product, tender type, discounts, teller, quantity or dollar value. Save frequently used searches to further streamline the loss prevention investigation process.

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Streamline Investigations

OWS makes it easy to export and share transaction video and data with insurance, law enforcement or coworkers. Video and POS data are saved to the cloud to prevent them from being overwritten or lost. Links are password protected, and unique per user, to ensure complete chain of custody and tracking of who views or downloads content. Add context for internal or external teams with both public and private incident notes.

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OpenEye is a trusted partner and industry leader

OpenEye Web Services "helps us catch these things much faster than we normally would, which makes us much more profitable."

- Joe Laufenberg, Director of Loss Prevention, Festival Foods

"What I like about OpenEye is the level of understanding of what the customer needs are."

- Levon Postachian, President and CEO, Select Systems Technology Inc.

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Discover the Future of Video Loss Prevention

POS Connect marries transactional data from your point of sale system with video verification to help reduce shrink and gain insights into operations. See how POS Connect can improve your loss prevention efforts.

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Integrates with all your systems

POS Connect supports integrations with both local (LAN) and cloud-based point of sale solutions. OpenEye supports a broad range of protocols from industry leading POS providers and our in-house developers are adding new integrations regularly. OWS can also receive events from your access control or intrusion system.

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