Video Export and Sharing

OpenEye Web Services streamlines the export and sharing of video clips by moving the entire process to the cloud, making it faster and more secure than using physical media. Online clip sharing generates significant time savings for organizations that regularly export and share video events with coworkers, law enforcement or insurance.

Share Clips Smarter

Password Protected

Password Protected

Video clips that are shared in the cloud are only available to individuals that have been provided a link to the video and clips are password protected for additional security.

Manage Access

Manage Access

Set expiration dates for sensitive video clips, turn individual access on or off to any clip at any time, and select whether a user has access to just view a clip or download it.

Log of Views and Downloads

Log of Views and Downloads

Monitor how many views or downloads each clip has had and track individual usage by person shared with. See if a specific user has not viewed a clip or has downloaded it a large number of times.

Virus Free

Virus Free

Physical media, like thumb drives, can spread a virus from system to system - without their users' knowledge. Many IT security policies restrict the use of USB drives and even disable them. Cloud sharing eliminates this risk.

Redundant Backups

Redundant Backups

Don’t worry about storing or keeping track of clips saved on physical media. Cloud exported clips are stored in redundant, cyber-secure, data centers across the US to prevent loss or damage at a single location.

No Software to Install

No Software to Install

View clips through a web browser on PC or mobile device with no software to download or plugins required. This makes sharing video faster and easier, especially for users that are on networks that restrict installing new software.

Share Clips Faster

Send Video Instantly

Share password protected links to video clips with OWS users and guest accounts instantly via email. Recipients can view clips on any device with a web browser including their smart phone or other mobile device.

Access Video Anywhere

Video saved in the cloud is accessible from anywhere through OpenEye Web Services secure online portal. After it is exported, video is permanently backed up at an offsite location on redundant servers and can be viewed or downloaded remotely as needed.

Export and Share Clips in a Single Step

Share video clips from a remote client with OpenEye Web Services open-cloud platform. The "Share from remote client" feature is included on the Command Station desktop client and OpenEye Mobile app for iOS.

Digital Signature Verification

Make sure your video evidence will hold up in court. All video exported from OpenEye Web Services includes a Digital Signature to authenticate the image or video file and proves that the date/time stamp is accurate and the image has not been altered.

Improve Collaboration

Share with Outside Users

Share a video event with police, local news or your insurance company using a restricted guest account. Monitor their views, restrict downloading, set an expiration date, and rescind access at any time.

Make Notes

Add notes to the clip to include important details like names of individuals, case numbers and anything you need to remember or share with others. You can make internal and public notes to keep some information private.

Law Enforcement Friendly

Law Enforcement often can't install software or plugins to view video. Cloud sharing eliminates that requirement and the video is digitally signed for legal credibility.

Save Clips to the Cloud Using Your Phone

Don't wait to export important incident video - search, review and export video clips wherever you are. Export a video clip to your OWS cloud account directly from your mobile device using the OpenEye Mobile app for iOS.

OWS streamlines the export and sharing of video clips by moving the entire process to the cloud, making it faster and more secure than using physical media.

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