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Command Station is a powerful multi-site video management system with high-performance video decoding for multi-monitor remote recorder access. View and search video from multiple recorders simultaneously, using as many as four monitors.

Since Command Station is integrated with the OpenEye Web services platform, you can use the roaming profiles to access your recorders and custom layouts from any Command Station workstation. OWS integration also allows you to upload clips for cloud-based storage and sharing.

Active Monitoring

Using Command Station as part of your active monitoring solution provides operational efficiencies and actionable intelligence with real-time notifications of events, two-way talk down to people on-site and the ability to trigger remote actions through relays, among other features.

  • Real-time popup alert notifications
  • Two-way audio
  • Remote relay triggers
  • Linked camera viewing
  • Search in live
  • Automatic on-screen alert video
  • Maps with flashing icons

Interactive Maps

Interactive Maps allow you to create intuitive maps to find cameras, whether they’re in the same building or across the country. Multiple maps can be linked together and flashing alert icons with camera image previews will display on mouseover making it easy to find the camera view that you're looking for.

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Streamlined search options

Streamlined search options

Timeline and thumbnail Search options allow you to view preview images of recorded video, to quickly locate incidents, review them, and store video as needed.

Multiple monitor support

Multiple monitor support

View live video and search recorded video from multiple recorders simultaneously in high resolution across up to four monitors.

Store and share videos online

Store and instantly share videos online

Export video clips to the cloud so they cannot be overwritten or lost. Share the password protected video clips via email with law enforcement or coworkers.

Single sign-on for all clients

Single sign-on for all clients

Log in using your email address and password to load your site list, and roaming profile, with saved custom views and layouts.

Encrypted data communication

Encrypted data communication

Command Station and OWS employ the latest technologies and strategies to ensure your data and video remain safe.

Instant Replay

Use the Search in Live feature in Command Station to quickly rewind 10, 20, 30 seconds and review video from a camera without leaving the live monitoring screen. Get an instant replay of what just happened for action or follow-up.

Thumbnail View of Events

Streamline searching for events with a thumbnail view in Command Station. Use the thumbnail view option in Object Search and Event Search for a quick snapshot of all the event search results. Offset the thumbnail images to view up to 4 seconds before or after the incidents happened for more detail.

Client Event Notifications

Make active monitoring more efficient by enabling client notifications. Just like push notifications on your mobile phone, OWS sends real-time event notifications to Command Station as they happen.

Users can click the flashing icon to open alert notifications for more details and a link to open the live view or playback video for visual verification. The notification panel stores notifications until they're cleared so nothing gets missed and alert details are synced with OWS containing brief details of the event with space to make notes before closing the event.

Command Station System Requirements

System Requirements
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