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  • Why You Need a Comprehensive Restaurant Security Camera System
    • Unveiling Actionable Insights
    • Protecting Assets While Reducing Shrink
    • Simplified Access
  • What to Look for in a Security Camera System
    • Point-of-Sale Integration
    • Actionable Alerts
    • Streamlined Management
    • Powerful Analytics
  • Get Started with a Restaurant Security Camera System Powered by OpenEye

Deciding on the right security camera system for your restaurant can be a hard choice to make

Choosing which features to prioritize can make a noticeable difference in terms of how workplace productivity is increased, alongside efforts to reduce theft and inventory shrink.

The best security camera systems go beyond surveillance. The right choice can bring forward business insights that can revolutionize your restaurant’s workflow, saving you time and money.

Below, we’ll cover everything you need to know about purchasing a new security system for your restaurant.

Why You Need a Comprehensive Restaurant Security Camera System

A thorough surveillance system can be the difference between a solution that’s a future-proofed investment and one that you’ll need to replace in a few years.

Especially for restaurants, where the day-to-day needs are dynamic and ever-changing, a security model that’s able to keep up is vital.

A security system should ideally answer some of the most fundamental issues that occur when running a restaurant.

Finally, your camera system should be more than just a security necessity. It should benefit all sides of your restaurant by bringing in new business insights that can help drive up profits and streamline operations.

Unveiling Actionable Insights

One of the most common problems restaurants face, whether quick-service, fast-casual or full-service, starts with employees on hand.

Devoting necessary time to training new staff is always a juggling act when combined with the everyday operations.

On top of that, implementing new initiatives and promotions can be hard to enforce, especially if management is already preoccupied.

In this case, a restaurant security system can massively assist with training and new program implementation, amongst other operational optimizations.

Managers can quickly review footage of staff and see where workplace lulls are occurring, whether that’s due to employee negligence or inadequate training.

Video can also be used to ensure workplace standards are being met by monitoring cleanliness as well as proper setup.

Identifying and confronting these gaps in training can help management see how their staff is performing, even when they don’t have a supervisor physically near them.

By implementing the right security camera system into your workplace, you’ll have an easier time recognizing what areas of your business can be better optimized.

Protecting Assets While Reducing Shrink

Having video evidence in the case of theft or any kind of damage done can be especially useful when police investigators are brought in, or when proving/disproving liability.

Because of this, investing in a system that features up to 4K HD resolution, where people and vehicles are more quickly identifiable, and the ability to find the right video faster through analytics and an easy-to-use platform can be an immensely worthwhile investment.

Any investigations where footage is needed to help move things along can benefit from a clearer picture, and the ability to share that video easily, quickly, and securely with outside parties, whether the police or insurance.

Simplified Access

Having to be onsite when using your restaurant’s security system becomes a headache fast.

Utilizing a system where your team can access video remotely means a more simple and centralized approach to restaurant management.

Plus, a well-thought-out user management system ensures the right people have the right access, especially in an industry where turnover is higher.

For restaurants, choosing a system that allows you to access video from different locations as well as customize and manage user permissions becomes crucial.

What to Look for in a Security Camera System

Knowing why a restaurant camera system can benefit your business is one thing, but picking the right one is a whole other field.

Luckily, for those deciding, there are a few specific features to keep an eye out for that can bolster the overall security of your business while providing value to your operations.

Point-of-Sale Integration

Integrating your video with your POS system can provide an increased level of clarity whenever there’s an issue at the register. This includes improving operations or customer engagement, identifying opportunities for employee training, as well as addressing more serious issues such as employee shrink.

It can also be used to identify trends and patterns, which when paired with video verification, can provide additional information that data alone cannot.

For restaurants, it’s a must have when choosing your surveillance system.

OpenEye offers POS Connect, which combines the transactional data from your POS systems with video verification, all to reduce shrink and gain valuable insights into business operations.

Getting that additional visual understanding of certain suspicious transactions can help shed light into what otherwise might be an operational blind spot, or a more serious issue.

Actionable Alerts

Alerts and notifications can be one of the most convenient ways business owners can stay informed on pressing incidents without having to monitor video themselves 24/7.

Surveillance camera systems that feature ways to customize whichever events are most important can save countless hours when it comes to safeguarding your restaurant as well as improving employee training and safety.

OpenEye Web Services features a plethora of ways to customize alerts based on events sent to your recorders, including:

  • Health and storage retention
  • Motion and sensor
  • Video analytics, such as person or vehicle
  • Access control and door access
  • Intrusion alarm panels
  • Point-of-sale
  • License plates

Based on your restaurant’s needs and your preexisting security model, you can set up unique alerts specific to certain devices or times and days, so you’ll know when your business needs your full attention and when it doesn’t.

Streamlined Management

For an industry with one of the highest turnover rates, managing user permissions becomes a tedious task if a convenient solution isn’t set in place.

Finding a system that prioritizes ease-of-use for management becomes crucial, then, for restaurant owners and staff. It ensures that only the right people have access to the tools they need.

In answer to this problem, OpenEye Web Services allows you to easily manage hundreds or thousands of locations using centralized user management based in the cloud.

There is no software to install on user PCs. You can easily add or edit recorder permissions from a remote location and adjust user role-based user groups to standardize operations. Any changes are pushed instantly to all your users and devices.

Powerful Analytics

Unveiling business insights to optimize your restaurant is easier said than done, especially if you’re working with a standard security camera system.

However, one that’s bolstered with powerful AI-based video analytics can not only help better secure your business, but help improve your operations.

Operational Analytics in OpenEye Web Services streamlines operations, improves customer service, and reduces liabilities through AI-powered technology combined with OpenEye video.

More than just person detection, Operational Analytics can analyze interactions between employees and guests, as well as objects and vehicles, to gather the exact metrics you need.

With this kind of analysis in your hands, you’ll be able to more easily identify areas of your business that can be fine-tuned for a more efficient workplace.

Get Started with a Restaurant Security Camera System Powered by OpenEye

A security camera system can elevate the operations of your restaurant by giving you insight into workplace inefficiencies and potential inventory theft or shrinkage.

When looking for the right restaurant security camera system, some of the most important features to look for include:

If you’re interested in learning more about how to take your business’ security to the next level, contact us to set up a personalized demonstration.

We’d love to talk more about how OpenEye Web Services can help you bolster your security and streamline your restaurant’s operations.

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