OpenEye + Immix

Immix develops software to improve your ability to manage and respond to security events by creating an intuitive, easy to use, software integration platform to protect your customer’s facilities, assets, and people.

Immix -> OpenEye Web Services

This cloud-to-cloud integration provides video verification of alarm events transmitted to the central station from an alarm panel or events raised by OpenEye recorders such as video loss or video analytics

What you get
  • Live video feed from OpenEye OWS recorders at the central station
  • Support for OWS Web Connect functionality
  • Capture and archive video at the central station while a monitored alarm event is active
  • Transmission of live and recorded video from OWS to Immix 
  • Transmission of health alerts from OWS to Immix 
  • Transmission of alarm events from OWS to Immix
  • Two-way audio with Immix v3.1.0.2

Connect ONE Cloud Integation Puzzle

Integration Highlights

Cloud to Cloud Integration

Immix establishes a connection to recorders through OpenEye Web Service's Web Connect technology, improving connection reliability and eliminating the need to enter IP addresses.

OWS Events Integration

Immix can receive and display event information from OWS's powerful Alerts service in the cloud.

Integration Diagram

OpenEye Web Services - SureView Integration Diagram

Legacy access control integrations rely on VPN tunnels, port forwarding, DDNS, and open inbound ports on the network firewall to facilitate access over the WAN.

The Immix integration with OpenEye Web Services is cloud-to-cloud and leverages OWS’s Web Connect technology to retrieve video for remote viewing. Web Connect establishes a trusted outbound connection with onsite hardware and requires no VPN access, port forwarding, DDNS or open inbound ports on the network firewall. Changes to an end-user’s network do not affect connectivity.

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