OpenEye + Feenics

Feenics is  a native cloud-based provider of enterprise access control as a service (ACaaS) solutions. Keep by Feenics scales from single door to global enterprise environments. It includes a RESTful API for easy to create 3rd party integrations, native visitor management, two-factor authentication for increased security and a powerful mobile app that allows for security management on the go. Keep by Feenics is hardware agnostic, supporting a number of leading manufacturers including Mercury Security, HID, and Allegion.

Keep by Feenics -> OpenEye Web Services

This cloud-to-cloud integration links Keep by Feenics with OWS to capture and display access events, with user ID, in the OWS alerting engine. Once captured, this data can be utilized to generate reports, real-time video push alert notifications, or to quickly locate video associated with a control panel event.

What you get
  • Direct cloud linking between the OWS and Keep by Feenics platforms
  • OWS capture of access events
  • OWS capture of user names and ID numbers for access event notifications
  • Cloud configuration of alert rules spanning multiple control pannels or recorders
  • Real-time access control notifications with user ID and event video
  • Access control data in OWS reports and business intelligence
OpenEye Web Services -> Keep by Feenics

This cloud-to-cloud integration links OWS with Keep by Feenics to enable Keep users to retrieve video through the OpenEye Web Services cloud API and to view video natively in Keep.

What you get
  • Direct cloud linking between the OWS and Keep by Feenics platforms
  • Support for OWS Web Connect functionality
  • Transmission of live and recorded video from OWS to Keep
  • A plugin free experience when viewing OWS video in Keep
  • The ability to export video clips from OWS natively in Keep
  • Video retrieval with no port forwarding, DDNS, or inbound ports open on the network firewall

Connect ONE Cloud Integation Puzzle

Integration Highlights

Cloud to Cloud Integration

Keep establishes a connection to recorders through OpenEye Web Service's Web Connect technology, improving connection reliability and eliminating the need to enter IP addresses.

Easy Video Verification

Receive real-time access control alert notifications through OWS including the User ID or Username of a cardholder in the alert details and email notifications for quick video verification.

Native Video Interface

The OWS integration and video interface is native within Keep. No additional software or libraries to install.

Integration Diagram

Legacy access control integrations rely on VPN tunnels, port forwarding, DDNS, and open inbound ports on the network firewall to facilitate access over the WAN.

The OWS integration with Keep by Feenics is cloud-to-cloud. It links customer accounts in each service to share access control events, device names, and user IDs with OpenEye Web Services and feeds them into the OWS alerts engine, along with data from other connected systems such as alarm panels and video analytics.

The Keep by Feenics integration with OpenEye Web Services is cloud-to-cloud and leverages OWS’s Web Connect technology to retrieve video for remote viewing in the Keep by Feenics application. Web Connect establishes a trusted outbound connection with onsite hardware and requires no VPN access, port forwarding, DDNS or open inbound ports on the network firewall. Changes to an end -user’s network do not affect connectivity.

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