OpenEye + Brivo

Brivo allows users to automate the security and management of their building access control systems with a scalable cloud-based physical security platform.

OpenEye Web Services -> Brivo Onair

OWS establishes a cloud-to-cloud link to Brivo Onair and captures access events to be processed by the OWS Alerts Engine as well as its device list so access control devices can be associated with cameras in the OpenEye system. The integration with OWS takes access events from Brivo Onair and transmits them to OWS's Alerts engine to leverage push alerts, email notifications, and searchable event history, all linked to video from OpenEye systems for video verification. This integration requires specific OWS and Brivo Onair subscription license levels. 

What you get
  • OWS alert notifications triggered by access events on their Brivo access control system
  • Video verification of access control events
  • Alert notifications and searchable events generated by specific access control users
  • A reduction in false alert notifications. Prevent alerting overload using the OWS Alerts Engine to apply additional filtering logic to events such as only triggering when a location's intrusion system is armed
  • More actionable alerts thanks to event thumbnails, access user names (when available), and door/area names included in alert details
  • A more complete and integrated security solution

Integration Highlights

Business Intelligence

OpenEye Web Services can help you uncover new insights with graphical reports that visualize alert data and help identify trends.

Easy Video Verification

Receive real-time access control alert notifications though OWS including the User ID or Username of a cardholder in the alert details and email notifications for quick video verification. Video verification of events gives you the complete picture of what is happening, so you can better determine what is a real concern, a false alarm, or a teachable moment for an employee.

Cloud to Cloud Integration

Connect your Brivo Onair account to OpenEye Web Services just using your Onair user name and password.

Integration Diagram

Legacy access control integrations rely on VPN tunnels, port forwarding, DDNS, and open inbound ports on the network firewall to facilitate access to video over the WAN.

The OWS integration with Brivo Onair is cloud-to-cloud and links customer accounts in each service to share access control events, door names, and user IDs with OpenEye Web Services and feeds them into the OWS alerts engine, along with data from other connected systems such as alarm panels and video analytics.

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