OpenEye + provides solutions for small to medium-sized business owners that combine intelligent intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control and energy management into a single, cost-effective solution. products include interactive security, video monitoring, access control, energy management, automation, and wellness monitoring.

OpenEye Web Services ->

This cloud-to-cloud integration links OWS to to receive events from into the OWS alerting engine. Users can generate reports, real-time video push alert notifications, and quickly locate video associated with access and intrusion events.

What you get

  • Direct cloud linking between the OWS and platforms
  • OWS capture of access and intrusion events
  • OWS capture and display of user names and IDs associated with events
  • Cloud configuration of alert rules spanning multiple locations and recorders
  • Real-time alert notifications of access and intrusion events
  • Alert history search of access and intrusion alerts events in OWS -> OpenEye Web Services

This cloud-to-cloud integration links to OWS and enables to display links to the OWS mobile app or web client next to events in the app and on the activity page. Users can click these links to open the OWS web client and view video, from cameras on an OpenEye recorder, associated with the events. 

What you get

  • Direct cloud linking between the OWS and platforms
  • Video verification of events using OWS
  • The ability to link accounts to an OpenEye recorder through the OWS Portal
  • The ability to map devices from to cameras through the OWS Portal

Integration Highlights

Automatic Updates and Syncing of Data Changes

Not only does OWS maintain a persistent connection for receiving access and intrusion events, but it also checks for updates to device names and for newly added devices. So when a user changes the name of a sensor or door, the information automatically passes through to OWS with no manual synchronization required.

Easy Video Verification

Receive real-time access and intrusion alerts through OWS, including the Username or ID associated with an event, via mobile push, email, or client notifications for quick video verification. Video verification of events gives you the complete picture of what is happening, so you can better determine what is a real concern, a false alarm, or a teachable moment for an employee.

Cloud to Cloud Integration

OpenEye Web Services and establish a secure and persistent cloud-to-cloud connection. Cloud-to-cloud integration improves connection reliability by eliminating the need to enter static IP addresses or use other networking methods which can fail due to changes in local network settings.

Integration Diagram

Legacy access control integrations rely on VPN tunnels, port forwarding, DDNS, and open inbound ports on the network firewall to facilitate access over the WAN.

The OWS integration with is cloud-to-cloud and links customer accounts in each service to share access control events, device names, and user IDs with OpenEye Web Services and feeds them into the OWS alerts engine, along with data from other connected systems such as alarm panels and video analytics.

The integration with OpenEye Web Services is cloud-to-cloud and leverages OWS’s Web Connect technology to open the OWS web client for remote viewing of video associated with events and activity.

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