OpenEye Devices Updated to Improve Password Security

OpenEye Devices Updated to Improve Password Security

OpenEye, a leading provider of cloud-managed video surveillance solutions, has released updated software to ensure that all OpenEye devices use unique passwords. During initial setup, all OpenEye cameras and recorders automatically assign or require users to create a new password.

Cybersecurity best practices instruct users to change the default password when installing a new internet-connected device. However, often users skip this important step for time, convenience or ignorance. Recent legislation in California, SB-327, requires anyone manufacturing an internet-connected device to set unique passwords for each device or force users to change the password before use. All new OpenEye products shipping now are in compliance and firmware updates are available for devices that have been purchased but not yet deployed.

New updates to OpenEye cameras ensure that installers cannot skip this step, requiring a unique password for the admin account during the initial setup. Integration between OpenEye cameras and Apex recorders makes this process even easier. The recorder will automatically assign new passwords for all cameras during discovery and save the passwords in the system configuration file backed up in the user’s OpenEye Web Services account.

OpenEye recorders have long recommended that users set up a new unique password during setup - now it is a requirement. When an OpenEye recorder is set up for the first time, the startup wizard requires the installer to create a new unique password for the recorder.

“Cybersecurity is important to us and we are committed to following industry-leading security practices for all of our products, said Ian Siemer, VP Product and Marketing. “OpenEye has updated all of our products to ensure that we support this important legislation.”

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