OpenEye and Bold Announce Cloud Managed Video Integration with ManitouNEO

OpenEye and Bold Announce Cloud Managed Video Integration with ManitouNEO

Liberty Lake, WASH. – April 4, 2017 – OpenEye, a leading provider in cloud managed video surveillance solutions, announces the integration of OpenEye Web Services (OWS) with the ManitouNEO platform, by Bold Technologies.  This cloud managed video integration is a first for Bold, and aims to reduce the cost of deploying and maintaining a monitored video solution.

Bold’s flagship product, Manitou, boosts efficiencies in video monitoring and verification; adding alarm alerts, and communication avenues for operators to notify customers and keep them up-to-date during alarm handling.  Traditionally, Manitou connects to the unique IP address of each monitored video recorder to verify activity when an alarm signal is received.  The success of this connection is dependent upon the network configuration where the recorder is located. Integrating OWS with the new ManitouNEO Video Control Center (VCC) eliminates this dependency by providing a single point of integration in the cloud.  OWS is responsible for establishing communication with the onsite recorder and for handing off the connection to ManitouNEO. Configuring DDNS, port forwarding, and opening inbound ports on the network firewall is not required to enable OpenEye video recorder communication with ManitouNEO.  Recorder event data is also transmitted from OWS to ManitouNEO so the central station may proactively detect and respond to system health issues before a critical incident occurs. 

 “We are excited to have Bold Technologies as a technology partner and for the benefits this new cloud managed video integration delivers,” said Rick Sheppard, CEO of OpenEye.  “Central stations powered by ManitouNEO may now monitor thousands of high definition OpenEye video recorders through a single point of integration in the cloud.  This integration will make it easier for OpenEye and Bold customers to deploy and maintain video recorders sold with monitoring and verification services.”

“Building partnerships with innovative and industry-leading companies is a priority for Bold,” says Rod Coles, CEO and President of Bold Technologies. “OpenEye has become one of our premier strategic partners and we are excited to offer this integration which provides users a powerful video monitoring solution with a simplified deployment model.” 

About OpenEye
OpenEye is an innovator in the design and development of cloud-centric software solutions for video management, business intelligence, and loss prevention. All OpenEye Web Services platform software is developed in Liberty Lake, Washington and many of OpenEye's products are made in America.  With OpenEye, there is more to be seen. 

About Bold Technologies
Bold Technologies is a leading provider of alarm monitoring and PSIM software. For over three decades, we have been a leader in contemporary alarm monitoring by introducing faster and more sophisticated software innovations. Our flagship product, Manitou, is a fully expandable, award-winning, web-based platform. With installation available on-premises or in a hosted, Cloud-based environment, and open standards for easy integration of new technologies, Manitou increases efficiency, profitability and security for our customers. Bold Technologies is a privately held company with US offices in Colorado and Texas, and a European office in Valencia, Spain. For more information on Bold Technologies, visit or call 1-800-255-BOLD.

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