OpenEye adds 20MP Multisensor IP camera to camera lineup

OpenEye adds 20MP Multisensor IP camera to camera lineup

New to the OpenEye camera lineup is a multisensor IP camera for installations that need high resolution, adaptable, 360-degree coverage. The OE-C9912M20 is a 20MP outdoor, remotely PTZ repositionable, multisensor IP camera equipped with four discrete lenses. Each 5MP varifocal lens is motorized allowing for remote positioning, zoom capabilities and autofocus adjustments after installation or during system maintenance.

The new multisensor IP camera offers coverage equivalent to four standard cameras, using single ethernet cable, reducing installation costs significantly. With the images from each lens stitched together seamlessly, the camera provides complete 360-degree coverage with minimal distortion. Perfect for open areas, outdoor plazas, campuses, warehouses, stadiums, or parking lots, the OE-C9912M20 multisensor camera has a wide field of view to monitor multiple areas at once and track the movement of people within the area. Audio and alarm I/O ports on the camera allow for 2-way audio so you can talk down or listen.

Multisensor devices are easily discovered during setup by OpenEye Web Services (OWS) recorders to add all sensors at once for fast configuration. Remote configuration of the camera and management over relay is available with no port forwarding. As an added benefit, instead of needing a license for each lens, OpenEye multisensor camerasonly require a single OWS subscription license.

Combine the powerful multisensor capabilities of the OE-C9912M20 with OpenEye Web Services to monitor your facility from any angle plus receive real-time alerts for events, sent directly to your mobile device or PC.

Find the full specifications and learn more about theOE-C9912M20 Remotely Repositionable Multisensor IP Camera.

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