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  • Save Time and Money — Whether You Manage One Location or One Thousand
  • Gain Valuable Intelligence
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Streamline Investigations and Collaboration
  • Visually Verify Critical Events
  • On-Demand Video Access
  • Share Cameras with Law Enforcement
  • Video Export and Sharing

Save Time and Money — Whether You Manage One Location or One Thousand

As a key part of your business, you may feel that you’re constantly needed onsite to manage day-to-day operations and keep things running smoothly. Using a video security system for remote monitoring allows you to manage your business when you’re away or to support several sites at once. A cloud-managed video system from OpenEye lets you do even more by creating operational efficiencies and providing actionable insights to help you improve customer service, detect and stop theft or fraud, and react to issues more quickly. The OpenEye Web Services platform transforms your video surveillance into an operational tool that saves you time and money.

Gain Valuable Intelligence

With OWS, you receive notifications when something isn’t right, whether a site is late to open or closes early, queue lengths at a register are too long, or restricted areas are accessed. Have notifications pushed to your mobile phone, email, or desktop client to quickly review the video. OpenEye Web Services provides valuable real-time or retrospective intelligence to help you run your business more efficiently. Take it further with graphical reports that visualize alert data and help identify trends and uncover new insights into your business. Visual Reports in OWS leverage the data from your alarm panels, sensors, and video events to help you make more informed decisions.

Improve Customer Service

You can create thumbnail image reports to gain valuable insight into customer readiness, policy compliance, or to remotely review changes to promotional displays and store signage. Reports can be generated for one camera or dozens spanning multiple sites. Thumbnails can be collected at set intervals or at specific times throughout the day or week with the option to schedule automatic report emails on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This allows you to proactively manage your business and ensure promotional campaigns, operational changes or customer service initiatives are implemented.

Streamline Investigations and Collaboration

Intelligent search options help loss prevention or security staff locate incidents faster. Video is tied to analytics and alarm events to immediately pull up relevant incidents. Thumbnail and object search options also allow rapid scanning of large periods of data to locate critical events for investigation. Export video to the cloud and share via password-protected links with law enforcement or insurance companies. A complete record of downloads and views is available as well as the ability to revoke access and set expiration dates on clips. OWS simplifies what can be stressful situations for you or your team.

Visually Verify Critical Events

OWS integrates with on-premise alarm panels to provide visual verification of events such as arm/disarm, late to arm, zone alarm or door forced. OWS even allows you to create alerts for non-panel related events, such as motion detection or camera-side video analytics, that are only triggered when the alarm panel is in an armed state. Visual verification of events due to theft, fraud, customer complaints, operational issues, workplace accidents, or HR and legal claims can provide critical clarification and significantly reduce your risk. OWS allows you to quickly and efficiently identify critical incidents and export crystal-clear, high-definition video for archival records or to share with others.

On-Demand Video Access

In the instance that video of an event is needed as soon as possible, OWS gives you access from anywhere, quickly and easily from any web browser or your mobile phone using your OWS username and password. After an incident, you can access surveillance video, save a copy and share it via email with police immediately, ensuring its timely delivery to authorities from anywhere even if you are away from your business.

Share Cameras with Law Enforcement

When needed, OWS allows you to give police or local law enforcement access to cameras to monitor public spaces such as parking lots, lobby, and exterior doors. This allows them to effectively manage investigations and access live video during a critical incident. Using the OWS cloud-managed user-management, you can easily change or remove access once it is no longer needed.

Video Export and Sharing

With OWS, video becomes a true management tool by reducing the time you spend managing video incidents and allowing for more time to focus on your business. OpenEye Web Services can significantly improve operational efficiencies by centralizing your video exports and making them easier to share. Video events exported to your cloud account can be shared via email internally or externally, with options to enter notes, control whether events can be downloaded by recipients, and lets you see when videos are viewed or downloaded.

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