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Strengthen Your Security with License Plate Recognition

Monitor Vehicle Movements to Secure Your Location

OpenEye Web Services (OWS) License Plate Recognition technology detects unauthorized vehicles accessing your property, provides greater visibility into the movements of vehicles, and enhances your overall security protocols. Learn how OWS combines the power of License Plate Recognition with cloud-managed video for an efficient and accurate way to record, search, and alert on license plate data to keep your property secure.

  • Enhance Visibility and Business Insights: Use LPR technology to improve visibility into the movements of vehicles on your property and detect unusual activity or potential security breaches. Gain valuable insights into the traffic patterns and behavior of vehicles on your property to help inform your security and operational strategies.
  • Increase Efficiency and Productivity Across Sites: Automate the process of logging and tracking vehicles to save time and resources. Effortlessly search and alert on license plate data from multiple cameras and locations to quickly and accurately locate specific vehicles.
  • Strengthen Security: Trigger relays based on LPR events to streamline your security protocols and ensure that only authorized vehicles are allowed on your property.
OpenEye is developing the future of surveillance in Liberty Lake, Washington