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Enhancing Security and Efficiency with VSaaS Platforms

Subscription-based service models are increasing in the security industry. Shifting to video subscription as a service (VSaaS) involves changing the mindset that one is receiving a service rather than a product. What organizations want is a system that is always current rather than a product that can quickly become out of date or is not functional when it matters most.

Overall, VSaaS platforms enable more efficient diagnostics and service than the traditional dealer-end user arrangement.

Benefits of the subscription model:

  • Easy subscription renewal
  • System software always current
  • Lower startup cost
  • A value-added service contract

A cloud-managed VSaaS can offer other benefits, such as real-time alert notifications on system health and events, remote diagnostics and software updates, as well as video verification. A video management system with the right integrations can provide data from sensors, cameras or recorders, from an alarm panel alert to video loss.

Discover the value of VSaaS and the eight key features to look for in a cloud-managed video security subscription.

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