New General Release Available for OWS Server Software

Feature Update

Access the latest features with OpenEye’s General Release.

OpenEye has updated the General Release version of Apex server software. The latest version, 2.6, includes several new features and 3rd party integrations, including:

  • Analytics-Enabled Smart Motion Detection: Reduce false alerts and increase your days of recorded video using Smart Motion, OpenEye’s new analytics-enabled motion detection. Using analytics to detect motion patterns associated with persons and vehicles, Smart Motion ignores reflections, shadows, trees and other objects in the environment which cause false motion events. View more details here.
  • ONVIF Multisensor Support: Adding multisensor cameras and encoders to your OWS recorder just got easier thanks to OpenEye's latest update to the native Axis, Hanwha and ONVIF integration in OWS. View more details here.
  • Axis Person and Vehicle: Improve operational intelligence and generate more actionable alerts with OpenEye Web Services (OWS) support for Axis Object Analytics, person and vehicle detection. View more details here.
  • Axis 2-Way Audio: OWS now supports 2-way audio for Axis cameras, adding more capabilities across partner devices within the OWS ecosystem. With 2-way audio, users are able to listen and talk down to individuals seen on camera remotely. View more details, including supported models here.
  • Add Multiple Cameras Using a CSV Import: OWS makes high camera count installations easier by allowing users to import large numbers of cameras at once using CSV import. View more details here.
  • Console Spot Monitor: The OWS Console Spot Monitor solution for Linux devices allows you to view live video from up to 4 cameras at one time locally, with no need to install additional software. View more details here.
  • Virtual Keyboard in Console: The Virtual Keyboard in Linux Console feature allows users to input information and configure the system without the need of a physical keyboard. This provides flexibility for technicians on site to make system changes without having to remember to bring or travel with a keyboard. View more details here.
  • Custom Security Certificate: The OpenEye Web Services (OWS) custom certificate feature in Apex Server Software allows customers to further harden their security by importing a security certificate into the recording software for local connections. Users are able to import their own certificate, signed by a public or internal certificate authority, replacing the self-signed certificate that ships with the recorder. View more details here.
  • View the complete release notes here.

To update your system to the General Release version, follow the instructions here.

NOTE: Any Linux recorders running Apex Server Software versions 1.0 - 2.1 that are manually updated will need to be updated to version 2.2 before updating to version 2.6 or higher. If not updated in this order, the recorder is as risk of being placed in a broken OS update state that will have to be resolved manually through a Bomgar session. To update your Linux system to version 2.2, follow the instructions here. If using the ‘Update via Custom URL’ update path, the version 2.2 link has been provided:

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