360° View in the iOS app

360 View Dewarping fisheye Mobile PTZ

Get a complete view of a fisheye or 360° camera while on the go using the 360° View feature with interactive PTZ controls in the OpenEye mobile app (iOS only). The 360° View uses dewarping to provide complete situational awareness, allowing users to use a standard camera view while still recording the complete 180° or 360° area. View, export, and share dewarped or zoomed in video from fisheye cameras from the convenience of your mobile device. 360° View is also available in the OpenEye web and desktop clients as well as the recorder console interface.

Enable Fisheye Support

To use the 360° View feature in the mobile app, first make sure that fisheye support has been enabled for the camera.

  1. In OWS, go to Setup > General Configuration > Cameras.
  2. Select the fisheye camera from the list.
  3. Select the Fisheye tab.
  4. Check Enable Fisheye Support.
  5. Click Save.

Selecting 360° View in the mobile app

The camera view will default to fisheye until 360° View is selected.

  1. In Live, select the fisheye camera from the camera grid display.
  2. Select the 360° View button near the bottom of the screen to dewarp the fisheye view.

Using Interactive PTZ in 360° View

  1. Touch the screen with one finger and drag in a direction to move the camera view.
  2. Pinch with two fingers to zoom in on image.

The 360° View is saved automatically in the app, but not in OWS. If the app is removed from the mobile device and re-installed, the saved view will be lost.

NOTE: 360° View also works with 180° Cameras.

NOTE: Panorama is supported in web, desktop, and console clients, but not in the mobile client.

NOTE: Requires OE App iOS version 2.4, Apex version 2.1, and OWS version 2.1 or above. Sharing clips requires Apex 2.4 or above.

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