How do I set up Linked Cameras in Command Station?

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Linked camera viewing is a highly intuitive feature that allows users to easily and quickly track individuals or incidents by clicking on the screen in the direction a person is traveling. Available in both live view and search within Command Station Desktop Client (v2.3+), users do not need to remember camera naming conventions or know which cameras are associated with an area, nor do they have to manually load each camera. This allows users to follow individuals as they travel from one area to the next without losing track, or to continue monitoring an incident as it unfolds. Linked camera settings are saved to OpenEye Web Services (OWS), and made available to all users once configured, saving the time and hassle of configuring each user’s remote client individually.

Creating linked camera associations

  1. In Command Station, right-click a camera name in the left hand RECORDERS menu and select Linked Camera Setup.
    - or -       
    Right-click a camera already loaded in the video pane and select Linked Camera Setup.
  2. A new tab will open with the camera you selected in the center of the screen and 16 available slots for additional cameras positioned around the camera.
  3. Drag a camera from the left-hand RECORDERS menu into one or more of the 16 available slots in the directions that align with your camera placement on-site.
  4. When you have completed placing all of your linked cameras, click Save.
  5. Repeat the steps above for each camera in your installation that you want to configure linked cameras. Linked camera associations need to be set up for each camera individually.

Enabling linked camera associations

  • To use linked cameras while in Live View or Search, right-click a camera in the video pane and select Enable/Disable Linked Cameras.
  • To stop using linked cameras, right-click a camera and select Enable/Disable Linked Cameras.

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