OpenEye + Hanwha Techwin

Hanwha -> OpenEye Web Services

This integration enables OpenEye recorders to receive, catalog, and search for events generated by Hanwha Analytic enabled cameras. Analytic events are transmitted from the on-site recorder to OpenEye Web Services for real-time alerting and reporting.

What You Get:
  • Apex capture of video analytics events from Hanwha Wisenet X & P-Series AI cameras
  • Cloud configuration of alert rules based on analytics events from one or more cameras
  • Apex and Command Station video search interface for camera analytics events
  • Generate macros based on camera analytic events
  • Camera Link support enables access to the complete Hanwha programming interface without VPN access to the camera network
What Hanwha Analytics can do for you:

Hanwha analytics enabled cameras can run multiple analytics at the same time, each with multiple zones, with no performance impact on other functions of the camera. All analytics are license-free and ready to go out of the box.

  • Automatically identify events such as intruders and gunshots
  • Make it easier to review events
  • Minimize the number of cameras that need to be observed
  • Make it easier to respond to camera events
  • Reduce the frequency of false positives due to trees, windows, animals, and lighting conditions
  • Improve monitoring of remote locations
Full list of analytics available in OWS/Apex:
  • Person / Vehicle Detection
    • Detect a person or vehicle in the field of view to reduce motion events and more actionable alerts.
  • Mask Detection
    • Detect a person not wearing a mask or not wearing a mask properly.
  • Camera Tampering
    • Detect sudden changes to the camera image, such as the camera being covered with a bag or spray paint, lens tampering, or changes in a camera’s position.
  • Virtual Lines and Areas
    • Detect objects passing through a virtual line in specified directions.
    • Detect entry into a virtual area.
    • Detect motion within a virtual area.
    • Detect when an object appears or disappears from inside the virtual area and is present/absent for a user-definable period of time.
    • Detect loitering by determining if an object is wandering within the virtual area for more than a user-definable period of time.
  • Queue Management
    • Detect the number of people in a defined queue area.
    • Define the level of detection (Maximum, High, Medium) and duration to trigger an event.
    • Define up to three zones per camera.
  • Audio Detection and Sound Classification
    • Detect audio levels above user-specified limits.
    • Identify sound types based on waveform, such as a scream, gunshot, explosion, or breaking of glass.
  • Fog/Smoke Detection
    • Detect obscured recording environments, such as fog, smoke, sand, dust, snow, or haze.
    • Automatically enables defog adjustments when needed.
  • Camera Out of Focus
    • Detect when the camera becomes unfocused.

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Integration Highlights

Advanced Analytics

Hanwha analytic technology enables users to detect video and audio events including loitering, intrusion, and gunshots.

OWS Alerts and Search Functionality

Users may create OWS alerts spanning multiple recorders to receive notification whenever an analytic event is detected. Alerts may be received on a schedule or when a compatible intrusion panel is in an armed state. Upon receiving an alert notification, a user may review the associated video on their desktop or mobile device with the single click of a button. Hanwha analytic events may also be pushed to third party applications utilizing OpenEye’s cloud API. A macro function is also available to trigger a physical relay output whenever an analytic event is detected.


Hanwha cameras are easily discovered by OWS recorders utilizing Hanwha’s native camera protocol. Analytic functions may be configured in a web browser locally or remotely by utilizing OpenEye’s camera link technology. Once configured, the OWS event search function may be utilized to easily view Hanwha analytic events without reviewing hours of video.

Integration Diagram

OpenEye Web Services - Hanwha Integration Diagram

When a Hanwha camera with analytics is connected to Apex, the recorder receives events from the camera and transmits them to OpenEye Web Services. Users can use Event Search on Apex and Command Station to locate video based on these events. To generate alerts and notifications, users can create alert rules in OWS  based on Hanwha camera events.

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