OpenEye + DMP

DMP is a family-owned manufacturer of electronic burg/fire/access products. Since 1975 DMP has designed, built, distributed & supported these products from its headquarters in Springfield, MO. DMP sells directly to preferred alarm companies who are passionate about providing life-safety and peace-of-mind.

DMP Control Panels

DMP XR Series & XT Series -> OpenEye Web Services

This integration enables OpenEye Web Services to capture zone alarm, door access, and arming status events generated by DMP XR and XT Series control panels. This data may be utilized to generate reports, real time video push alerts, or to quickly locate video associated with a control panel event.

NOTE: This integration is only available with certain licensing tiers. See OWS Licensing for more information.

What you get
  • Cloud configuration of alert rules spanning any number of control panels and recorders
  • Cloud generation of video push alert emails and iOS/Android push notifications
  • Video verification of intrusion events and more intuitive video search
  • Integration with DMP Virtual Keypad

DMP Keypad

Integration Highlights

Video Push Alerts on Alarm

Send video alerts to any OpenEye Web Services user - or user group - whenever an alarm, system arming, or system disarming event occurs. The push alert contains an image from the associated camera and a quick link for viewing the video clip. Provide users with an easy mechanism for verifying activity when an alarm event occurs.

IP Integration

Communication between the DMP panel and the Apex recorder is IP based. Save time and reduce complexity by eliminating wiring between the control panel and the video recorder.

Business Intelligence

Utilize the OpenEye Web Services alerting function to notify users whenever a door is accessed after hours or when a door is left open longer than a specified time. Utilize the DMP event search option in the Apex thin client or Command Station to easily locate video for verifying compliance with internal policies or procedures.

Trigger Alerts Based on Panel State

Reduce false positives by linking your alerts to the armed state of the on-site alarm panel. Configure OWS alerts to trigger based on the armed state of your alarm panel. The filter even works for camera motion and 3rd party sensors not connected to the alarm system.

Generate Panel Alerts with Analytics

Utilize camera-based analytics to make your DMP panel alerts more actionable. Camera analytics can provide accurate detection, without additional sensors, of people movement and sound analytics to detect gunshots or glass breaking.

OpenEye + DMP Integration

OpenEye + DMP Virtual Keypad

Integration Diagram

DMP XR and XT Series panels are programmed to push event data to the Apex recorder that resides on the same local area network. Once received, Apex transmits these control panel events to OpenEye Web Services in real time. Flexible alert generation rules are created in OpenEye Web Services and video push alerts are delivered to users within seconds of an event occurring.

How to Add and Configure your DMP Panel to an OpenEye Cloud Managed Recorder

DMP Virtual Keypad

OpenEye Web Services -> DMP Virtual Keypad

This integration enables allows users to view the cameras connected to their OpenEye recorder through their DMP Virtual Keypad App or

Dismiss false alarms with video push notifications

Check your cameras in the Virtual Keypad app

What you get
  • Use a single app to view video from your OpenEye recorders and access a number of security system keypad functions remotely via cellular or network connection.
  • Receive push notifications on camera-based analytics events through Virtual Keypad

How to Set Up OpenEye in Virtual Keypad from DMP Alarms

To activate OpenEye recorders on DMP systems, review the instructions available in this Technical Update provided by DMP.

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