OpenEye + Bold

Bold integrates security system signals, video sources, cloud applications, and internet connected devices (IOT) into their cloud platform with the objective for giving end users, operators, and authorized emergency responders better information to prioritize their resources.

Bold Manitou -> OpenEye Web Services

This integration allows Bold Manitou to connect through the OpenEye Web Services cloud portal to access video, sensor, motion and health data from OpenEye recorders for use in live monitoring and video verification.

NOTE: This integration is only available with certain licensing tiers. See OWS Licensing OWS Licensing for more information.

What you get
  • Direct cloud connection between the OWS and Bold Manitou platforms
  • Support for OWS Web Connect functionality
  • Transmission of live and recorded video from OWS to Bold Manitou
  • Transmission of recorder health alerts from OWS to Bold Manitou
  • Transmission of alert events from OWS to Bold Manitou

Bold Technologies - ManitouNEO Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

Cloud connection method reduces complexity while improving reliability.

Bold ManitouNEO


This deep integration includes the key functions expected from Bold Group products.

Bold Technologies Health Monitoring

Health Monitoring

Receive OpenEye Web Services health alert notices directly in the Bold Manitou software.

Bold Technologies Security

Integration Highlights

Native video interface

View video from OWS compatible recorders directly in the Bold Manitou central station application.

Simplified connectivity

Bold Manitou establishes the connection to recorders through OpenEye Web Services' Web Connect technology, improving connection reliability and eliminating the need to manually enter or update connection settings.

Video verification of alarms and virtual guard tours

This OWS integration enables the delivery of video verification and virtual guard tour services from all Bold Manitou compatible central stations.

Integration Diagram

OpenEye Web Services - Bold Technologies Integration

Legacy integrations rely on port forwarding, DDNS, and open inbound ports on the network firewall to facilitate remote client connectivity. Changes to an end-user’s network can result in lost connectivity.

OWS connects using a trusted outbound connection from the onsite recorder. No port forwarding, DDNS, VPN access, or open inbound ports on the network firewall are required. Changes to an end-user’s network do not affect connectivity.

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