Managed Video Solutions
for Convenience Stores

OpenEye Web Services reduces shrink, improves customer service, and streamlines operations, through actionable business intelligence for c-stores nationwide. Our powerful cloud-managed video platform gives you the tools you need to get a better return on your loss prevention efforts and improve security. All while reducing the burden on IT and operations.

Operations Alerts

Alerts Save You Money

Receive a notification when a store is late to open or closes early, the back door is propped open, or restricted areas are accessed. Alert notices instantly pull up video on your smart device or PC. OpenEye Web Services can provide valuable real time or retrospective intelligence to help you run your business more efficiently.

Operational Audits

Improve Customer Service

Use business intelligence gathered through video reports and integrated POS data to monitor hot food sales, key conversion rates, gas pump monitoring, keep an eye on employee adherence to prepared food policy, freshness, dwell times, and health and safety compliance.

Investigate Fraud, Theft & Improve Operations

Using OpenEye loss prevention solutions, stores can investigate pre-paid fuel transactions, voids, and under-ringing at the Point of Sale. Identify fraud at all levels of your operation, from cashiers to general managers. OpenEye helps set apart intentional fraud from instances of poor operations management. With POS data overlaid on the video, it is possible to watch for troublesome operational areas in each store and identify the root cause of potential issues.

Integrate with your
Point of Sale

Use OpenEye Web Services loss prevention solutions to investigate refund fraud, coupon manipulation, voids, and under-ringing at the Point of Sale. Marry transactional data from your point of sale system with video verification to help reduce shrink and gain insights into operations.

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Video Export and Sharing

Reduce the time you spend managing video incidents. OpenEye Web Services can significantly improve operational efficiencies by centralizing your video exports and making them easier to share. Video events exported to your cloud account can be shared via email with coworkers, law enforcement, or management. You can even enter notes and control whether events can be downloaded by recipients.

Convenience Store Monitor

Visually Verify
Critical Events

Visual verification of events such as theft, fraud, customer complaints, operational issues, workplace accidents, or HR and legal claims can provide critical clarification and significantly reduce your risk. OWS allows you to quickly and efficiently identify critical incidents and export crystal clear high definition video for archival or to share with others.

Ensure Usable Video
When You Need it

Automated health monitoring ensures your recorders are working properly and eliminates undetected system failures. Real-time health monitoring keeps you abreast of critical issues and potential problems with your video system including pending hard drive failure, changes in recording retention, network outages, and camera failure or tampering.

PCI Compliance Review

Businesses that handle credit cards must manage PCI compliance to safeguard the security of cardholder information. The PCI standards are designed to protect debit and credit card information from being stolen by ensuring that the cardholder data is separated on the network in the Cardholder Data Environment (CDE) and that there are processes in place to protect the CDE. The OpenEye PCI Compliance Review document outlines the basic requirements for meeting PCI requirements and provides a sample deployment to illustrate how the OpenEye system is installed outside the Cardholder Data Environment.

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