Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Using state-of-the-art data centers and industry-leading technology providers, OpenEye Web Services shields user data from unwanted access and protects you against data loss or downtime. We are committed to following industry-leading security practices and engage in both internal and external auditing of our security measures.

Two Step (Multi-Factor) Authentication

Two Step (Multi-Factor) Authentication

Multi-factor authentication helps prevent account hijacking due to stolen or misplaced credentials. It also prevents unwanted access from credentials left in orphaned remote clients on uncontrolled systems.
Centralized User Management

Operational Audits

Instantly apply permission changes to users and recorders. Add or remove a user in OWS and it immediately takes affect across all recorders and remote clients, no further action required.
Audit Data

Audit User Activity

Audit user activity to get a clearer picture of who is using your system. See which systems they are accessing and what clients they are using.

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NIST Compliant Data Encryption

NIST Compliant Data Encryption

Transport Layer Security

Transport Layer Security

HTTPS Video Transmission

HTTPS Video Transmission

Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection

Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection

Digital Signature Verification

Make sure your video evidence will hold up in court. All video exported from OpenEye Web Services includes a Digital Signature to authenticate the image or video file and proves that it has not been altered.

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Automated Lost Password Resets

Automated Lost
Password Resets

Simplifying the process of resetting lost passwords lessens the burden on IT and also reduces the likelihood of shared user credentials.
Single Sign-On for All Clients

Single Sign-On
for All Clients

Using single sign-on for accessing remote clients reduces the potential for rouge remote clients with manually entering IP and port information
Automated Software Updates

Software Updates

Administrators are notified when updates are available and can initiate them with the simple click of a button. Reducing the likelihood of vulnerabilities being left unpatched.
Eliminate Open Inbound Ports

Eliminate Open
Inbound Ports

By using an outbound trusted connection, OWS enables remote connectivity without the increased risk of port forwarding or punching holes in your firewall.

Video Export and Sharing

Online video sharing with auditing shows who is sharing and viewing video of critical incidents while password protected clips and the ability to revoke permissions further safeguards your sensitive video data.

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Streamline User
and Recorder Management

Ease of use and streamlining user and recorder management improve cyber security by eliminating barriers to compliance and making it easier to follow security best practices.

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Integrate with Cloud-Based
Identity Management

Ensuring that the same user access policies and rules are applied consistently across your organization, including your video surveillance systems, adds an additional layer of protection.

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