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See OpenEye’s Latest Security Technology at ISC West 2024 

Come visit OpenEye at ISC West 2024 to see some of the latest developments from our team! We will be at ISC West in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 10th-12th. Stop by booth #22031 to hear about Operational Analytics, our new line of cloud cameras, and book a live demo to enter our free giveaway. See…

6 min read

5 Ways Schools Can Monitor Vaping and Smoking on Campus

Explore the top five strategies schools are implementing to actively detect and combat smoking and vaping on campus.

7 min read

Loss Prevention Strategies for Retailers – 3 Best Ways to Positively Impact Your Bottom Line

Implementing the right loss prevention strategy for your retail business is as crucial now than it was ever before. For many retailers, both large and small, inventory shrink continues to affect the bottom line more and more significantly, which unfortunately has led to some businesses having to close their doors. Ultimately, the answer to this…

6 min read

Cameras That Blend In – 3 Ways You Can Seamlessly Integrate Your Cameras

Discover three ways to seamlessly integrate hidden cameras into your environment, including all-black housing, black mounts, and paintable dome covers.

6 min read

Unlocking the Advantages of POS Monitoring: Essential Features and Use Cases for Sustainable Business Growth 

Discover how integrating surveillance footage with your POS system can enhance transaction monitoring and operational efficiency. Learn how the combination of security video and POS data can significantly improve your business operations.

6 min read

How to Ensure Your Business Maintains Safety and Compliance with Operational Analytics

Operational Analytics in OpenEye Web Services provides the tools you need to maintain proper safety and compliance standards in your workplace. Learn more about these AI-powered analytics that offer the ability to enforce two-person operation policies, alert on persons detected in restricted areas, and more.

5 min read

How to Select a Video Analytics Platform – Finding the Best Solution for Today and Tomorrow

Explore the potential of security video analytics and learn how to choose the right video analytics platform for your business's growth.

5 min read

The Impact of Shrinkage on Your Retail Business and How to Address It

Shrinkage is a problem nearly every retail business faces, and it requires unique solutions to combat. Loss prevention tactics help reduce the amount of inventory shrink by a significant amount and can help you positively affect your bottom line. Check out the article below to see how you can tackle this problem head on and make the best decisions for your retail business.

9 min read

What is POS Integration and Why Does Your Business Need It? The Ultimate Guide to POS and Video Security

Discover how integrating POS data with video security unveils insights into transactional issues and customer-employee interactions.

6 min read

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