MK-Series Cloud-Managed RAID Network Server

Product Overview

OpenEye MK-Series Cloud Managed servers are designed to offer maximum performance and reliability, paired with the powerful features and functionality of the OpenEye Web Services Platform (OWS). These 2U servers offer up to 128 channels and feature enterprise options like front removable drives, redundant power supplies, dual SSD OS drives, and RAID5.

MK-Series servers come preloaded with Apex Traverse or Professional and run the Windows 7 operating system. These high power servers are enterprise level HD IP recorders with the increased processing and throughput capabilities needed to handle larger channel count, storage, and remote usage requirements.

Enhance the functionality of your server even further by pairing it with OpenEye Web Services which allows you to centralize user management, monitor the health of your recording system, and take advantage of time-saving features like online export and video or clip file sharing. There is no need to write, remember, or type IP addresses and other network information for remote connections. Simply enable OWS on your recorder, and then connect using the OWS Web Client to manage recorder configurations and user access.

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Command Station Software:

Key Features

8 Drive Capacity 8 Drive Capacity
Dual GB NICs Dual GB NICs
Dual SSD OS Drives Dual SSD OS Drives
Front Swappable Drives Front Swappable Drives
Rack Mountable Rack Mountable

Technical Specs

Country Of Origin:
United States

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