OpenEye Training and Certification

To be eligible to purchase OpenEye OWS-enabled products, OpenEye requires Channel Partners to be OWS certified as part of the partner onboarding process. Technicians will need to complete the online Channel Partner Certification and achieve an 80% minimum score to become certified. Sales personnel are welcome to attend and complete certification as well.

Online Training Portal

Learners can easily access the OpenEye Training platform through the OWS Cloud Portal. There is no need for a separate log-in, as you can connect directly from OWS through single sign-on.

To visit the Training Portal, click on the Certification and Training  link under Resources in the Channel Partner Portal Dashboard in OpenEye Web Services to start your learning journey.

If a user does not have an OWS account and needs to use the training platform, they will need to reach out to their OWS administrator so they can be added to a user group and given an OWS account.

Note for OWS Admins: Within OWS, we recommend administrators create a Channel Partner User Group that aligns with your business. This may be a dedicated group that needs access to partner tools like training, but not other features. For more information on adding Users to your Channel Partner account and creating User Groups, follow the instructions here

Need help?

Review the OpenEye Training Knowledge Base page or reach out to with any questions or comments.

Training Videos

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