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Intelligent Tools For Loss Prevention

POS Connect in OpenEye Web Services reduces shrink, improves customer service, and streamlines investigations by combining your point-of-sale data with the power of video verification.

POS Connect in OpenEye Web Services

The Power Of Video And Transaction Data

With POS Connect, you’ll receive a complete picture of every transaction in your workplace. Notice something suspicious? Our robust platform offers customizable search capabilities to quickly locate events of interest. Just as important, you’ll also have the tools to put this information in the right hands for further investigation.

Advanced Tools For Loss Prevention

The powerful cloud-managed OWS platform gives you the tools you need to get a better return on your loss prevention efforts and improve security, both cyber and physical, all while reducing the burden on IT and operations.

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Video Verification of POS Events

Verify important POS events with transaction data overlaid over surveillance video to see the complete picture.

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Customizable Transaction Search

Streamline investigations using search tools to locate the critical transactions faster.

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Proactive Alerts

Get notified of suspicious transactions with customizable alerts.

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Standardized Video Sharing

More easily collaborate with management, law enforcement or insurance by securely sharing video alongside POS data.

Get More Value From Your Point-of-Sale And Video Surveillance System

Combine the power of video with your point-of-sale system to help your business in its loss prevention efforts, fighting fraud, as well as improving operations, including customer service and training.

See the Complete Picture


Marry your point-of-sale data with OpenEye video to view the complete picture and receive video verification of transaction events. This allows you to quickly add context to receipt disparities or issues and directly compare transaction data against events within surveillance footage.

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Prevent Fraud with Alerts


Proactive notifications lay the groundwork for business intelligence that helps you identify costly problems of fraud, operator error, or poor customer experiences.

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Quickly Find the Transactions that Matter


Customizable transaction data searches allow you to quickly locate fraud and operational issues impacting profitability. Save frequently used searches to further streamline the loss prevention investigation process.

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Streamline Investigations


Easily share transaction video and data with insurance, law enforcement, or coworkers, maintaining a complete chain of custody throughout the investigation. Of course, cloud storage options prevent video and data from being lost.

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Integrates Across All Your Systems


Use a range of integrations from both local (LAN) and cloud-based point of sale solutions. OpenEye supports a broad range of protocols from industry leading POS providers, and our in-house developers add new integrations regularly.

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Tailored Solutions For Your Industry

OpenEye’s experience serving customers across a wide range of industries allows us to tailor our features and integrations to meet the unique needs of your organization. 


Improve Experiences and Reduce Shrink

Improve security and loss prevention efforts with valuable insights.

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Keep Them Coming Back

Improve customer service and back-of-house operations with video insights that drive profitability.

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Convenience Stores

Reduce Shrink and Bolster Security

Get a better return on loss prevention efforts and improve security.

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Retail Banking

Safeguard Assets and Enhance Experiences

Reduce risk, simplify operations and generate valuable business intelligence.

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Streamline Operations

Improve business operations while ensuring compliance.

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Director of Technology, Dos Toros

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Project Manager, Bargain Hunt

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"I can’t stress enough how OpenEye has taken a product and made it easy to use."
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