Thermal Sensor Events Supported On OpenEye Recorders and OpenEye Web Services

Thermal Sensor Events Supported On OpenEye Recorders and OpenEye Web Services

Liberty Lake, WASH. – July 15, 2020 -- OpenEye, a leading provider of cloud-managed video surveillance, has released support for alerting and reporting on elevated skin temperature events from thermal detection cameras. This new feature release allows intelligent screening for people with elevated skin temperatures and further expands the capabilities of OpenEye Web Services (OWS) to help businesses employ video surveillance and intelligent alerting to respond to the risks of COVID-19 and assist with new requirements for operations or reopening.

The thermal solution includes direct integration with thermal analytic cameras to capture detection events, along with associated temperature date, and a new thermal event alert type in the OWS alert rules engine.

Users can record both thermal and standard video streams and configure the system for local monitoring or to trigger relays on detection events. Through OWS, users can create response workflows for when employees or customers with elevated skin temperatures are detected. Receive alerts via mobile or client push notifications for immediate action, review event frequency using visual reports, perform contact tracing using video or linked access control events, and export video of detection incidents to the cloud for compliance or further review. Using the Active Alerts dashboard in OWS, thermal events can be reviewed, secondary temperature readings using FDA approved medical thermometers can be logged, and alerts can be closed or flagged as open for follow up by HR.

Thermal event detection and alerting from OpenEye is just one of the many tools that users can employ to manage their response to the risks of COVID-19 and municipal requirements for ensuring the safety of employees and customers. OpenEye Web Services helps businesses remotely manage more efficiently, reduces the need for on-site access to systems, supports 2-way audio talk down, and provides actionable intelligence through a broad range of integrated security and analytics solutions.

OWS users have access to actionable insights through an easy-to-use cloud platform, now including new thermal camera solutions, giving them new ways to keep their employees and customers safe.

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