Server-Side Analytics Enhance Your Security Without a Costly Camera Upgrade

Server-Side Analytics Enhance Your Security Without a Costly Camera Upgrade

Available natively in OpenEye Web Services (OWS), server-side analytics provide you with more actionable intelligence, enhancing the value from your existing video surveillance system.

Rather than having to rip and replace old cameras when new technologies outpace them, OWS offers the unique ability to take advantage of powerful video analytics with any IP or analog camera connected to an OpenEye recorder.

There’s no need for costly camera upgrades with OpenEye’s analytic capabilities. Instead, you can ensure you're alerted on or able to find the video that matters most thanks to motion, person, vehicle, line crossing, loitering, and intrusion events.

OWS’ native onboard analytics also span all cameras connected to a recorder, meaning the benefits will be felt throughout your business, not just from a single camera.

OpenEye Web Services’ powerful server-side analytics provide actionable insights for businesses while keeping people and property more secure.

Smart Motion Detection

Motion detection is a vital part of many security systems. It can help streamline the process of reviewing hours or days of footage by picking up only the most significant moments.

Unfortunately, many motion detection systems out there are still clunky in their application, and something as simple as leaves rustling in the wind could inadvertently trigger an alert.

With Smart Motion from OWS, you won’t have to worry about irrelevant footage.

Smart Motion Detection reduces the number of false alerts on your system, meaning shadows, reflections, and trees blowing in the wind won’t be sending any notifications to your phone and email.

Not only will this lead to easier and faster searches, which can speed up investigation time significantly, but it’ll also free up storage space on your recorder when recording based on motion events.

Best of all, this feature is available natively in OWS, so you won’t need a smart camera equipped with this form of analytics to reap the benefits.

Person and Vehicle Analytics

Alongside Smart Motion, person and vehicle analytics deliver actionable intelligence by allowing you to quickly search and be alerted on the presence of people or vehicles within your camera’s line of sight. It provides another level of granularity to ensure you receive the alerts that matter most.

Plus, you’ll be able to stick with your existing camera set up to receive these events.

Objects can be easily identified with added bounding boxes in both mobile alerts and email notifications, giving you a clear understanding of what or who is on your property.

Leverage the timeline bar in OWS to fast-track your search. Motion events, including person and vehicle, will be highlighted so you can quickly locate those particular moments.

Person and vehicle analytics provide you with more actionable intelligence, all while being available in the OWS platform so it can be leveraged with any camera.

Line Crossing, Loitering, and Intrusion Detection

Finally, now you can leverage line crossing, loitering, and intrusion detection in OWS to fortify your business security and keep you in the know with mobile search and alert capabilities.

Further define the events that matter most to you with line crossing and intrusion. Lines can be set up and adjusted in OpenEye Web Services to mark specific visual areas you want to be notified on. Regions help prevent false alerts on busy scenes so that you only receive events that apply the most to you.

Loitering times can also be personalized to what you classify as loitering, all to fit your company’s specific needs.

Both security and operations benefit from these server-side analytics, as line crossing, loitering, and intrusion can help provide actionable intelligence for quick service restaurants, retail stores, financial institutions and other businesses.

Again, you can now take advantage of this intelligent feature set without an intelligent camera via OWS server-side analytics.

How Analytics can be Leveraged for Your Business

Server-side analytics in OWS deliver next-gen analytics without costing you next-gen money.

The investment in your video security system will continue to provide value through the added capabilities of OpenEye Web Services, such as server-side analytics. There’s no need to replace your entire camera system; instead, you can let OWS do the heavy lifting.

With these events in hand, you’ll be able to easily search and stay alerted on what matters most to you and your company.

Wherever your team works, OpenEye has you covered; OWS allows you to customize who receives the alerts and how, whether by email or mobile notification.

Improve security, expedite investigations, and stay up to date, all within OpenEye Web Services.

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