Real-time alerts improve active monitoring in Command Station

Real-time alerts improve active monitoring in Command Station

For companies and institutions that have on-site security staff monitoring cameras, tools that help identify emergent incidents allow staff to respond more quickly to improve safety and reduce losses. Client Alerts in Command Station are a more intelligent and automated way to use and manage real-time alerts when actively monitoring video. They produce fewer false positives, don’t require client configuration, and are centrally managed in your OpenEye Web Services (OWS) cloud account.

Client alerts use the OWS Alerts Engine to reduce false alerts and provide more actionable intelligence by bringing the alerts directly into the monitoring software. Like email and push notification alerts from OWS, client alerts are assigned to individual users, so they receive the types of alerts that are relevant to their job and location. Alerts from OWS include additional logic to make them more actionable like using an integrated alarm panel status (armed or unarmed) to create alerts that are more relevant.

Alerts in Command Station display as an on-screen pop-up notification to notify the user as well as a flashing icon on maps that include camera and sensor icons. For follow-up, alerts are stored in a notification panel so that they can be reviewed for appropriate action with any notes synced through the OWS cloud for auditing or review by a manager.

Deploy and manage real-time alerts on remote clients for security guards or loss prevention staff to ensure they get notifications of alerts when events happening. Configure and manage events and alert recipients in the OWS cloud for centralized management and easy deployment to all your recorders and locations. Client alerts are part of an active monitoring solution from OpenEye that also includes two-way audio, remote relay triggers, and linked camera viewing.

Active Monitoring tools in Command Station

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