Quickly gather video evidence for export

Quickly gather video evidence for export

Incidents caught on surveillance cameras are sometimes quick and can be captured by a single camera. But other incidents involve multiple cameras, and video captured at multiple points in time even over multiple days. Evidence or documentation of the incident requires a series of multiple clips exported from the recorder. Pins Export is a new feature in the Command Station thick client that makes exporting incidents that span multiple cameras or recorders easier and more intuitive. Flag and export sections of video, spanning multiple cameras and times, more efficiently in Command Station to create a more complete record of an incident.

An incident captured on video surveillance may span multiple cameras, as a person or vehicle moves through a parking lot or building. To get a complete picture of an incident, video clips from different times or even different days may be necessary to show people coming and going or other changes in the environment. Instead of searching and exporting each clip independently, Pins Export is a more effective way for users to mark video segments, preview them and make adjustments before final export.

Users can quickly and easily export video clips using Pins Export in Command Station and share through OpenEye Web Services to collaborate with law enforcement or insurance companies.

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