Feature Spotlight: Alarm Panel Integration With OpenEye Web Services

Feature Spotlight: Alarm Panel Integration With OpenEye Web Services

Organizations can capitalize on their intrusion systems by taking advantage of alarm panel integrations with OpenEye Web Services (OWS).

The OWS platform combines the reliability of local recording with the flexibility of the cloud. It integrates with alarm panels to notify users when the system is late to arm, is disarmed during non-business hours or if an emergency exit opens, among other events.

OWS also can send data and video to users or an alarm monitoring provider, and the cloud-managed platform allows video verification of incidents on a PC or mobile device such as a phone or tablet.


Alarm.com OpenEye Integration


The Alarm.com-OWS integration offers two methods.

OWS to Alarm.com This cloud-to-cloud integration links OWS to Alarm.com to receive events from Alarm.com into the OWS alerting engine.


  • OWS capture of access and intrusion events
  • OWS capture and display of user names and IDs associated with events
  • Cloud configuration of alert rules spanning multiple locations and recorders
  • Real-time alert notifications of access and intrusion events
  • Alert history search of access and intrusion alert events in OWS

Alarm.com to OWS —This cloud-to-cloud integration links Alarm.com to OWS and enables Alarm.com to display links to the OWS mobile app or web client next to events in the Alarm.com app and on the Alarm.com activity page. 


  • Video verification of Alarm.com events using OWS
  • Ability to link Alarm.com accounts to an OpenEye recorder through the OWS portal
  • Ability to map devices from Alarm.com to cameras through the OWS portal


Bosch panels send intrusion event data over the local area network (LAN) to the OWS recorder, which then transmits the events to the OWS cloud. 


  • Real-time intrusion event notifications with quick link to associated video
  • More actionable alerts thanks to event thumbnails and door/area names included in alert details
  • Video verification of intrusion events for complete situational awareness
  • Reduced false alerts by using panel armed state as part of alerts logic
  • Faster and more intuitive video search


This integration enables OWS to capture zone alarm, door access and arming status events generated by DMP XR and XT Series control panels. This data may be utilized to generate reports, receive real-time video push alerts or quickly locate video associated with a control panel event.


  • Cloud configuration of alert rules spanning any number of control panels and recorders
  • Cloud generation of video push alert emails and iOS/Android push notifications
  • Video verification of intrusion events and more intuitive video search
  • Integration with DMP Virtual Keypad

Case Study

Retail chain Bargain Hunt has experienced rapid growth in recent years, increasing the number of stores to 80 from. As a result, they acquired numerous legacy security systems that were complex and required specialized training. Bargain Hunt wanted to make operations more efficient and easier for end users to manage. They turned to OpenEye and Alarm.com for a video management, intrusion and access-control solution to standardize security and loss prevention efforts. Read more. 

For information on how to set up one of the above integrations in OWS, visit answers.openeye.net.

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