Improve operational efficiencies and use actionable intelligence with an active monitoring solution in OWS

Improve operational efficiencies and use actionable intelligence with an active monitoring solution in OWS

A full set of features are available in OpenEye Web Services (OWS) to support an active monitoring solution for businesses and organizations that use on-site or remote monitoring. Real-time active monitoring is important for many businesses, especially those with high pedestrian traffic or an at-risk population such as a medical facility, college campus or retail complex. Security teams can actively monitor properties on-premises or remotely using Command Station. Integrated with OWS tools like real-time event notifications, two-way audio, and remote relay triggers, among others, Command Station becomes a powerful tool for your team to monitor on-site and remote locations.

Receive and manage on-screen alert notifications
Just like push notifications on your mobile phone, OWS sends real-time event notifications to Command Station that pop-up on-screen as they come through. Each alert includes brief details of the event and a link to go directly to the video. On-screen alert notifications are stored in the notification panel where users can review alert details, click to view video and make notes before closing the event. Alert acknowledgements are synced with OWS to ensure multi-factor rules are transferred after set-up. Client alerts provide a more intelligent and automated way to use and manage real-time alerts and identify actionable insights when actively monitoring video. They produce less false positives, require no client configuration to use, and save time by being centrally managed in the OWS Cloud.

Listen and talk down
Two-way audio lets users both listen and communicate directly with people seen on camera while monitoring remotely, allowing for a more productive management of events as they happen. Talk-down audio is available in Command Station and the OpenEye mobile app allowing security staff to communicate from the control room, while out monitoring the site, or wherever they are.

Open relay controlled doors and gates
Open a secure door or facility gate relay using Command Station or the OpenEye mobile app by remotely triggering the relay. No hassle switching between applications or views. Combined with the alert notification, video verification and 2-way audio capabilities of OWS, users can remotely respond to persons on site and trigger actions without having to leave their station or even be at the same physical site.

Follow people from camera to camera with one click
With linked camera viewing configured in Command Station, users can follow an individual or incident from camera to camera as they move through the building or campus by simply clicking on the screen in the direction the person is traveling. Easily switch to the next camera, never losing sight of the person. Available in both live view and search in Command Station, users don't need to remember camera names or know what cameras are associated with each area, nor do they have to manually load those cameras. This allows them to quickly navigate facilities, whether following an individual or monitoring an incident as it unfolds. Linked camera settings are saved to your OWS cloud account making it easy for organizations to manage and ensure access by all users.

Instantly replay live video
Quickly rewind at 10, 20, 30 second increments and review video from a camera without leaving the live monitoring screen. Don't worry if you saw something out of the corner of your eye on a monitor or just want to see what happened just prior to an incident. Use search in live in Command Station to review an incident and still keep tabs on what's happening live on the same camera.

Automatically see live alert video
Designate one of the panes in Command Station Live View as the notification pane to display live video from active alerts. The pane will pull in video from the camera associated with the current alert for immediate review giving your team the ability to respond quickly. The alert notification pane is an enhanced user interface that makes it easier to respond and manage alerts in real-time.

Locate an incident quickly
Quickly and easily access live video with flashing event and camera icons in Command Station maps. Click on a flashing icon to go to the live camera feed for a quick review and response. Powered by the OWS alerting engine, flashing icons in maps make it easier to manage incidents as they unfold.

The OWS active monitoring solution provides operational efficiencies and actionable intelligence through real-time notifications of events, two-way talk down to people on site and the ability to trigger remote actions through relays, among other features. Streamline event management with saved alert rules and settings in your OWS cloud account, eliminating the need for local set-up for each user. More effectively monitor everyday operations in automated and integrated platform with OpenEye Web Services.

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