OpenEye Releases Web-based Fisheye Camera Dewarping and New Integrations

May 6, 2020

Liberty Lake, WASH. – April 2, 2020 – OpenEye, a leading provider of cloud-managed video surveillance solutions, announces the release of the Winter 2020 OpenEye Web Services (OWS) update v2.1. The latest update includes updated web-based 360° camera dewarping, Search in Live, improved System Reports, two-way audio in mobile, and other updates to make finding video and managing the system easier.

The addition of fisheye camera dewarping in the OpenEye web client allows users to easily view video from a 360° or 180° camera on a web browser with no additional software to install. Additional updates to the web client Live View make it easier to add cameras to the display, quickly switch between camera views and lets users minimize the camera menu to increase the size of the video on-screen.

Improved System Reports in OpenEye Web Services and new details in Access and Intrusion alert notifications streamline Operations and IT management making it faster and easier to see what is happening and take appropriate action.

Search in Live was added to the Command Station application to allow security staff to quickly pause and replay video without leaving the Live View screen. Support for audio from ONVIF cameras was added to Apex recorders in this update with two-way audio functions added to the OpenEye Mobile app (v2.1) for playback of recorded audio and talkback using the app. Audio support is coming soon to Command Station in the next release. These features are the first in a series of features currently under development to support active monitoring.

More new features in version 2.1 include expanded integration with DMP alarm panels, improved software update tools and better cybersecurity with Apex recorders mandating unique passwords for administrators.

OpenEye Web Services users can take a live demo tour of the new features in OWS v2.1 and see the complete list of all new features.

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