OpenEye and I-View Now Announce Innovative Cloud Managed Video Integration

Mar 27, 2017

Liberty Lake, WASH. – March 28, 2017 – OpenEye, a leading provider of cloud managed video surveillance solutions, has completed integration of their OpenEye Web Services platform with I-View Now, a cloud enabled provider of video verification services through its patented central station video interface.  The completion of this integration continues an ongoing partnership between the two companies to offer customers cutting edge solutions with enhanced functionality for monitoring of video events via the cloud.

I-View Now increases apprehensions through priority police dispatch and reduces false alarms by verifying alarm signals using on premise video devices.  With a traditional video integration, the I-View Now service connects to a recorder’s unique IP address to enable a central station operator to verify alarm events using the associated event clips and live video.  The reliability of this connection is dependent upon proper network configuration which requires ongoing maintenance to keep functioning properly.  The new cloud integration between OpenEye Web Services and I-View Now’s cloud service eliminates the need to connect to an IP address or to open an inbound port on the end user’s network firewall.  When a request for video is received, OpenEye Web Services completes the connection between I-View Now and the onsite recorder.  In doing so, users get a more reliable and maintenance free connection between I-View Now and their recorder. Health alerts from onsite recorders are also delivered to the I-View Now platform in real time by the OpenEye Web Service API.

“Our channel partners are always looking for ways to simplify their processes and to reduce service calls,” states Larry Folsom, President and CEO of I-View Now.  “This new integration with OpenEye Web Services will help our partners simplify onsite recorder deployments and prevent service calls caused by inadvertent changes to their customer’s network configuration.”

“We are strong believers in the power of the cloud to improve the effectiveness and reliability of video monitoring,” said Rick Sheppard, CEO of OpenEye.  “This cloud managed video integration architecture enables customers to simplify deployments while continuing to benefit from the performance of onsite video recording.”

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