OpenEye adds integration with AXIS Guard Suite video analytics

OpenEye adds integration with AXIS Guard Suite video analytics

OpenEye has added integration between OpenEye Web Services (OWS) and AXIS Guard Suite video analytics. The OWS integration to AXIS Guard Suite receives Fence Guard and Loitering Guard video analytics events from compatible AXIS cameras to trigger recording and macro events at the recorder level, as well as generate alerts using the OWS Alerts Engine. At this time, AXIS Motion Guard is not supported by OWS.

Using OWS remote clients or the OWS cloud portal, customers can search analytics event history to quickly locate analytics events, including line crossing and loitering events, for video verification and receive real-time alert notifications triggered by Axis Guard Suite events. The use of video analytics can increase recording retention by only recording high-resolution video when analytics events occur instead of on all motion events.

Improve the accuracy of event alerts using intelligent video analytics and reduce false alerts by using video analytics on its own or combined with other OWS ecosystem events, such as a sites intrusion panel armed state, to trigger alerts. This integration makes it easy to leverage the full capabilities of your Axis cameras when connected to an OWS recorder.

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