New Direct Integration with FLIR Thermal Smart Sensor Camera

New Direct Integration with FLIR Thermal Smart Sensor Camera

OpenEye Web Services now offers direct integration with the FLIR A400/A700 and  A500-EST Thermal Smart Sensor cameras to capture elevated skin temperature events, along with associated temperature data, and a new thermal event alert type in the OWS alert rules engine.

FLIR cameras can be used along with other body temperature screening tools to create screening workflows to detect elevated skin temperature. Identify individuals with elevated skin temperature using a thermal camera and follow up with additional screening to confirm temperature readings and take appropriate action for your business.

FLIR: Thermal Imaging for Detecting Elevated Body Temperature

Set up alerts notifications via mobile or client push notifications in OpenEye Web Services for immediate action or follow up screening.  Cloud-based event management tools in OWS allow you to effectively combine camera analytics, intrusion and access events to create workflows for when an employee or customer with an elevated skin temperature is detected or to identify unexpected access by employees on sick leave or in self-quarantine so that you can retrace employee contacts and activities by searching access control events by user.

Enhance customer and employee safety while responding to the unique requirements of reopening your business using OpenEye web services to increase business intelligence, improve process response, and streamline remote operations management. 

Find a complete list of cameras that OWS integrates with to support thermal analytics for Alerts.

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