Motion, Person and Vehicle Detection Provide Intelligence, Added Layer of Security

Motion, Person and Vehicle Detection Provide Intelligence, Added Layer of Security

It is evening, and the office is closed. A vehicle drives into the empty parking lot and parks. The movement triggers an alert in the business’s video surveillance system and sends a notification to the facilities manager. By verifying the video on a cell phone, the manager is able to determine the vehicle is not authorized to be on the property and contacts the authorities. This is one scenario business owners, managers and security personnel might encounter that could lead to a crime. 

Motion detection triggers alerts and video recording. The OpenEye Web Services (OWS) cloud platform uses advanced server and camera-side analytics to better classify and accurately detect motion events, which reduces false positives for alerts and results in increased video retention.

OpenEye’s line of analytics-enabled cameras are capable of detecting person, vehicle and line-crossing events. They work with OWS to receive real-time alerts and streamline video event search. With analytic event processing being performed by the camera hardware, users can deploy analytics across the full range of OpenEye recorders without concern for increased system load or recorder performance. For information, visit

Now in limited release, analytics-enabled OWS Smart Motion function ignores reflections, shadows, trees and other objects in an environment which can cause false motion events. Smart Motion is enabled on the recorder and will work with existing cameras, eliminating the need for a costly camera upgrade.

When combined with alert notifications, reports and video verification, analytics-enabled motion detection solutions with OWS provide an easy and proactive way to be informed, gain actionable business intelligence and better protect property and facilities.

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Note: The above image is a representation of motion detection. Not all systems feature bounding boxes.

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